Express Your Letter to the Editor


Freshman cheerleaders love their cheerleading experience!

Lauren Paoletti & Lauren Dmitsak
For the Pittsburgh Standard

Editors Note: The picture that follows does not include the Pitt Panther, their coach and the men of the cheerleading squad because they were not available at that moment.

We are both freshmen members of the cheerleading squad here at the University of Pittsburgh.  Cheering for the Panthers has proved to be a wonderful experience.  Not only are we doing something that we love, but it has also enabled us to meet a great group of people.  The transition between high school and college level cheerleading was challenging and required a lot of hard work and endurance.  All of our continued dedication to the sport is rewarding.  Having the opportunity to cheer at a professional stadium during football season is not something that your average college cheerleader gets to do.  Since neither of us have had the chance to make it to a game at Heinz Field before this year, it is especially exciting to us to be that close to the action.  Now that basketball season is underway, we are enjoying the new atmosphere at Petersen Events Center.  Since the team is highly ranked cheering for them makes it that much more exciting.  We are looking forward to the upcoming years here at Pitt.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photos by: Ramesh C. Reddy