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Recovering The Scandal Of The Cross: Atonement In New Testament & Contemporary Contexts

No Condemnation: A New Theology Of Assurance

At The Cross: Meditations On People Who Were There

Perfect Christian: How To Be More Like Jesus

No Wonder They Call Him Savior: Chronicles Of The Cross

The Scheme Of Redemption

The Atonement: Its Meaning And Significance

Faith Works

Written On Her Heart

Loving God Study Guide

A Heart For God (The Christian Character Library)

Joy Of Listening To God

A Portrait Of My Father: The Wonder Of Knowing God (Living Theology Series)

The Great House Of God: A Home For Your Heart

How To Hear From God: Learn To Know His Voice And Make The Right Decisions

10 Great Ideas From Church History: A Decision-Maker's Guide To Shaping Your Church

Knowing God

Knowing God

Big Questions, Worthy Dreams: Mentoring Young Adults In Their Search For Meaning, Purpose, And Faith

Discover Your Destiny: Finding The Courage To Follow Your Dreams

The Sovereignty Of God

Courage & Calling: Embracing Your God-Given Potential

Knowing God's Will: Biblical Principles Of Guidance

Chosen By God

How To Know The Will Of God

Pursuit Of God

The Pursuit Of Holiness

Holiness And The Spirit Of The Age

The Beauty Of God's Holiness

Fruits Of The Spirit

The Release Of The Spirit

Spurgeon On The Holy Spirit

Baptism And Fullness: The Work Of The Holy Spirit Today

Baptism And Fullness: The Work Of The Holy Spirit Today

The Go-Between God: The Holy Spirit And The Christian Mission

When The Spirit Comes With Power: Signs And Wonders Among God's People

Black Man's Religion: Can Christianity Be Afrocentric?

The Gospel In Black & White: Theological Resources For Racial Reconciliation

Defending Black Faith: Answers To Tough Questions About African-American Christianity

Free At Last?: The Gospel In The African-American Experience

No Easy Walk: The Dramatic Journey Of African-Americans

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