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With the doctor homosexuality can be cured!

              I am at a disadvantage here because I came across this website and do not have access to the original article that is being rebutted. I do not live near Pittsburgh and I do not get the Pitt paper.

             Is the first article that is being rebutted available on line where I might be able to read it?

             Anyway, I agree with the rebuttal about not having a choice is no excuse. It appears the specific issue being dealt with is homosexuality.  

             If I get the first articles premise correctly, that lifestyle is being justified because it was not a choice. And since it was not a choice, it should be acceptable?  Hummmmmmmm.

             Taking this logic to its conclusion, forget the specifics of homosexuality, and just substitute any other sin. Take anger, promiscuity, murder, selfishness, lying, greed, etc.

             Should we allow all murders out of death row and just accept that lifestyle because they didn't have a choice to not be angry people?

             Should you accept my greed as being ok as I rip you off and sell you a lemon of a car?

             If I tend to lie and gossip about you, should that behavior be excused and accepted because that is just the way I am?

             No! Those behaviors are to be overcome. The fact that that is just the way I am is the problem! Something is wrong with me and I cannot stop doing them!  I should not be that way! I should change! The problem is I can't!

            At least, not on my own! But with help, I can!

             That help must come from outside of me, and also outside of man, because every human is infected with some issue or another.

              The Bible calls it sin. That is what must be dealt with. And it has been, but it must be accepted and applied. Only Christ can deal with sin. That is why He came. To free me from......greed, selfishness, homosexuality, lust, etc, precisely because I had no choice!

             If a doctor came to cure my cancer would I say, "No, I don't want you to cure me because I had no choice, just accept me and let me stay this way."  
             I would hope not. I would say, "Yes, cure me! I cannot cure myself! Thank You."

             Well, there is a doctor that came to set you free. His name is Jesus, and He is God's Son.

             "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." (John 8:36)

             But He is a gentleman. He won't force Himself on you. He won't argue with you. He will leave you alone. But when you are ready, and I hope we are before it is too late, the doctor is in, and He makes house calls, 24/7! Just give him a call!

             Well, that is my 2 cents worth. I wish you well, and may God bless you all!

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