For He sees you all the time

"We are pressed on every side by troubles, but not crushed and broken. We are perplexed because we don't know why things happen as they do, but we don't give up and quit. We are hunted down, but God never abandons us. We get knocked down, but we get up again and keep going" (2 Cor 4:8-9)

                 My name is Ramesh C. Reddy (412-720-4579). I am a member of New Hope Christian Community and an American citizen of Indian descent. 

                May the Lord who sees all our pain give His healing touch for us! Amen!

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           For He Sees You All The Time

                                                By Ramesh C. Reddy

For every broken Heart

There is a crying Soul

For every crying Soul

There is an aching Mind

What do I See?

What do I Hear?

What do I Feel?

What do I Say?

I see tearful drops of Pain

I hear tearful drops of Rain

I feel the hotness of the tears

I want to say, your cries Jesus hears

For He knows there is so much hurt

For He knows there is so much pain

For He knows there is so much grief

Cause the one you lost

Is the one you love

Too much was the cost

And you know how

What path can I take?

There is too much to bear.

There is too much to care.

Will it ever End?

Endurance Christ will Send.

Your wounds Christ will Tend.

Broken Hearts Christ will Mend.

For He sees you, when you Weep

For He sees you, when the pain is Deep

For He sees you, when the burden is a Heap

For He sees you, when you cannot Leap

For He sees you, when the joy you cannot Keep




Oh Lord, we come to you now and hereafter bringing you the pains of the wounded, we bring to you the cries of those that have lost their loved ones. Oh Lord, the pain is too much to bear. Lord, there is so much to care. Sometimes it feels like it will never end. But, you Oh Lord are the healer of broken hearts and binder of wounds. So Lord, please bring your healing for every broken heart, every crying soul, and every aching mind. Hear us Oh Lord. We thank you that you see us when we weep, you see us when the pain is deep, you see us when the burden is a heap, you see us when we cannot leap, you see us when the joy we cannot keep. Only you can send us endurance and sustenance to go on. Help us Oh Lord and this nation for there is so much mourning. The cost has been too much and now there is so much grief, so much pain, and so much hurt that you alone can help us deal with. So please we ask you for your intervention in all of our lives. I am reminded of the hymn, "We rest on thee". Help us and this nation. We turn ourselves to thee. In Your precious Holy Name we pray Jesus! Thank you we can turn to your love for healing! Amen!

                                                                                                            Love in Christ,



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