Not all Middle Easterner's are suspect

David Hwang
Pittsburgh Standard

Tragedy has fallen upon all of us Americans. So many have lost their lives in the senseless attacks. Our confidence has been attacked and our security is at a low. We feel vulnerable and afraid. Yet it seems we have risen to the occasion with our hearts wide open for support. It also seems as if we are at last united as a nation. And in a sense, we are unified in heart.

 Donations are constantly being poured out to the victims from the depths of everyone’s hearts. The world definitely needs to rethink the stereotypes such as egotistical, self-centered, greedy, and ethnocentric that go along with the word “American”. Each day many Americans have risked their own lives trying to rescue any persons that were trapped inside the rubble. Nationalism is now a natural reaction for citizens. This is all great and I thank God because many seem to have changed their perspective on life.

 However, I do not feel all is well. After the attacks, many have made any and all peoples of Middle Eastern descent a suspect. They have used them as a scapegoat for our problems including those that attend this very University we attend and those that work in the office next to us. Not all people of the Middle East are accountable for this tragedy. We must remember, they too may have had family members who may have lost their lives to the terrorist attacks. We should give greater attention in helping them through this trying time instead of conveying greater suspicions towards them. Many are our fellow neighbors, not our enemies. Many have not harmed us nor do they intend to.

 The other day I saw a van with the words, “God Bless America” written on its rear window. I thought about why it was written and the only conclusion I could draw from it was that the vehicle’s owner was overwhelmed as he thought about the American citizens. The van’s occupants were amazed at how our generosity has suddenly broken through. I must agree, God Bless America! But, I cannot stop there because we need to give recognition to others. We need to thank God for those who have been recently harassed and yet still stand strong. So I end saying, God Bless America!

Editors note: This article originally appeared in the November print edition of the Pittsburgh Standard

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