© 2002 by Ramesh C. Reddy

 Red blood

White light

Blue faces

Blood of the victimsí cries

Light of the Heavens cries

Faces of the lonely cries

For the life that was lost

So much was the cost

On Sept 11th last year

Leaving so much fear

Is the Lord Jesus still near?

Does the Lord Jesus hear?

There are questions of why

All those people had to die

Even without  saying good bye

Still I know the Lord is on High

He saw the slaughter of our peers

He saw the son/daughter with fears

He saw the water of our tears

He feels the fears of our pain

He hears the tears of our rain

He sees the lonely faces of blue

He sees the victimsí blood of red

He sees Heavenís light of White

For He is the Light so white

In the darkest night

He offers comfort to faces of blue

In all cases sticky as glue

He shed His blood of red

Taking sinís flood I dread

In Him we can put our hope

In Him we can have endurance to cope

In Him we can one day climb Heavenís rope

He knows Red

He knows Blue

He knows White

They are the same color of our flag

So many carry in their bag

Red reminds me of blood sacrificed for freedom

White reminds me of lives receiving light of freedom

Blue reminds me of lives suffering for faces of freedom

We will take a stand

With the Lord in our land

One day sin of terrorism will be banned

Everyone will walk hand in hand!



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