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 “Hip-Hop Dances Display Diversity's Delight!

 Ramesh C. Reddy

Lee's Lesson takes us into the world of Hip-Hop exhorting us to remember 'selling out soul of rap openly risks Hip-Hop's reality hereby'.

On the contrary, what you can see here will be five different Hip-Hop performances by members of different cultures and schools such as University of Pittsburgh's Korean Cultural Association's (KCA) Hip-Hop group, Point Park college's IMPULSE group,  Carnegie Mellon University's (CMU) SOUL STYLZ group, University of Pittsburgh's Chinese Students & Scholars Association's (CSSA) Hip Hop Dance and Canon group that adhere to Lee's Lesson!

Video: KCA Kindles Korean's Kudos Helping Hip-Hop! (Feb 15, 10, 12:54 a.m.)

Video:  Impulse Ignites Audiences Always Helping Hip-Hop! (Feb 15, 10, 12:55 a.m.)

Video:  Soul Stylz Sizzles Successfully Helping Hip-Hop! (Feb 15, 10, 12:56 a.m.)

Video:  CSSA Celebrates Heartily Hip-Hop Dance's Delight! (Feb 15, 10, 12:57 a.m.)

Video:  CSSA Celebrates Heartily Hip-Hop Canon's Complexity! (Feb 15, 10, 12:59 a.m.)

You can vote for your favorite performance by sending an email to rreddy@pittsburghstandard.com

Those results will be added on to the performances online views each day.

The Hip-Hop performance group that has the most points at the end of the week will receive a prize!

Each night you will get to see who is in the lead. The polling will close within a week on Feb 22, 10, Monday night 11:59 p.m.

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