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In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it is:



September 2001


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September online edition

Chi Alpha ministries makes an impact

Jeremy Day
Editor in Chief

As someone who has been here from nearly the beginning of this wonderful organization I, of all people, have much to say about it. This is my senior year and I am honored to have the privilege of being president of Chi Alpha. Pastor Mike is already begging me not to leave. I know he would love all of us to be professional students and stay forever, but we all have to move on. It is great to see how close we all grow together over the years and it is an equally great thing to send our members who graduate off into the world wishing them well. Soon I will be one of those many members, but enough about me let us talk about you.

Most likely you are an incoming freshman or transfer student wondering where you can go to make new friends and to continually strengthen your faith. Chi Alpha offers an opportunity for both and is a place where you can find so much more. As an organization that is continually growing and on the move we are always looking for ways in which we can improve and better serve our members and the community around us.

Chi Alpha started out as a small intellectual circle where ideas could be discussed freely and where we could find the answers to questions our childlike minds were always asking, but no one could tell us. We went where others were unwilling to go so that we could reach a deeper understanding of life and what God has for us all.

Of course we didn't just stop there. We realized that many of the topics we discussed were over many people's heads so we decided to add a little something extra. No, it wasn't FOOD, although we have always had plenty of that. We decided it was time we had some praise and worship. With my good friend Cory Lewis we set out with two guitars to make the finest worship service on campus, and to a large extent we have succeeded.

This was a great improvement to the organization, but we realized we could have even more. Up till this past year we didn't really have any outside events. We added a homeless ministry where we went Downtown to hand out clothes and food to the needy. We also went on a spiritual retreat to a monastery, which was one of the best experiences of my life.

So we are now upon a new year and ready to do it all again, this time bigger and better than before. For the people who love sports we have basketball and Ultimate Frisbee at least once a week. For the intellectuals we still have all the great discussions plus a new book study we just started up. For those who love praise and worship we are going to be rocking this year. We are also planning to go to a few concerts this year. This past spring we went to the Delirious and Passion concert in Cleveland. That was so awesome!

Lastly, for all of you that just want to have some plain fun you need not look further. You will meet some of the wackiest, fun-loving people at Chi Alpha. Ask the first person you meet at our first meeting about "Silent Football" and notice the response. Also, we are planning to have my all time favorite event, "Karaoke Night". So come and find out more about us. I guarantee you will not regret it. See you all soon I hope and God Bless!


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  Volume I: Issue I

Editorial Board

Jeremy Day: Editor in Chief

Kensley Lewis & Jackie Martin: Layout Editors

Matthew Bell: Copy Editor

Center for Life and Family: Publisher