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September 2001


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September online edition

Jaromir Jagr makes capital with the Washington Capitals

Kelly Coleman
Pittsburgh Standard

The Pittsburgh Penguins traded star scorer Jaromir Jagr to the Washington Capitals in early July.  The Penguins have edged the Capitals out of the Stanley Cup playoffs six out of the last seven times the two teams have faced off in the post season.  The Capitals, a team that relies heavily on a strong defense during the playoffs, believe that Jagr will give them the offensive push they need to make it to the finals this season.

 Ted Leonsis, the owner of the Captials, will pay Jagrís $20.7 million salary for the next two seasons.  In exchange for the high-priced Jagr, the Penguins picked up three young players: Kris Beech, Michal Sivek and Ross Lupaschuck, all 20-years-old.  Sivek and Lupaschuck will be moving up from the minor leagues, and Beech has only played in four NHL games.

 Washingtonians are calling this trade the biggest in the Capitals 27-year franchise history, and maybe even in the history of Washington sports.  Capitals fans are already lining up to witness the revolution with season ticket sales more than doubling after the trade announcement.  Fans will also have to dig a little deeper


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