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 “Holi Has Hill Hued Celebrating Color Festival From Flagstaff!

 Ramesh C. Reddy

Editors Note: We are a Christian newspaper promoting the love of Christ so every story we cover, we try to incorporate the Gospel into it. With that in mind, there is a poem below about Holi but ending with how Christ's love impacted me and how it can impact you. For the multimedia video from the celebration, click on the picture    below!

Holi, the Spring Festival of Color was celebrated on a hill
With celebrants using rainbow colors at will
Wanting to every clothing fill
Thanks to SGB 2009 funding the bill
Colors or no colors for years, I was ill
As Satan wanted to my soul kill
Until the Savior gave me the Salvation pill
Bought by Blood so RED
To redeem me from being eternally dead
When to the cross Jesus was led
And upon Him, the sins of the world fed
Including my illness of sin dark as night
Until the Savior's blood washed me snowy WHITE
To live a luscious GREEN life
Being delivered from sin's strife
So I need not remain BLUE
For God's Word provides the clue
Jesus came back to save
After the life He gave
Waiting for us in a gold mansion so YELLOW
So to us, He can say 'Hello'
When we give Him our heart
So He can do His part
Helping us fight the good fight
And making things right
Seeing us as so precious in His sight
His love cannot be measured by width or height
May you be led by Jesus Christ, the Guiding Light!

Photo by Ramesh C. Reddy                                                 Click on picture for video

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