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“Top 25 Responses To Candy Cane Question!” (Dec 26,14, 10:35 a.m)

“Light Up Night's Nativity Creche Christened Colorfully! By Ramesh C. Reddy (Sat, Nov 22, 14, 12:27 p.m)

"Wonderful Wife's Experience Enhances Greatly Game Night Now!" By Ramesh C. Reddy (Sept 07, 14, 05:25 p.m.)

"Who cares for your B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y in life?" By Ramesh C. Reddy



"How can your A.F.F.E.C.T.I.O.N grow towards others in life?" By Ramesh C. Reddy (Sept 15, 18, 04:29 p.m.)

"What does I.M.M.A.N.U.E.L mean to you?" By Ramesh C. Reddy (Dec 21, 17, 04:21 a.m.)

A-Z things being thankful to the Lord Jesus for in Nov 2016 - Nov 2017 By Ramesh C. Reddy (Nov 23, 2017)

"God's Gay Christian Chooses Celibacy!" By Ramesh C. Reddy (Sat, Feb 25, 17, 11:58 a.m.)

A-Z things being thankful to the Lord Jesus for in Dec 2015 - Nov 2016 By Ramesh C. Reddy (10:59 a.m, Nov 26, 2015)

1 Peter 5:8-9:  "Will you be in for a T.R.I.C.K or T.R.E.A.T?" By Ramesh C. Reddy (Sat, Oct 31, 15, 12:30 p.m)

“Powerfully Prayer Provides Evangeline's Emancipation Testimony Today!”  By Ramesh C. Reddy (Sun, July 12, 15, 8:35 p.m.)

University of Eternal Life: Part IX: COURSE EVALUATION By Ramesh C. Reddy (Mon, March 23, 15, 10:29 a.m.)

"Bible Academy IV: Names of Jesus" By Ramesh C. Reddy (Jan 02, 15, 7:49 p.m.)

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