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Our HOTPRESSIONS section was born few years ago, thanks to the Pitt News. In this section, we take the boldness to rebut articles written in the Pitt News regardless of what section they are from if  we feel a rebuttal is necessary. Most of the rebuttals will be personally written by me as time permits. The general public, students, staff, and faculty are welcome to submit rebuttal responses to any of their articles.

A lot of people I talked to had issues with the Pitt News and the types of articles and stories that were being covered. Naturally, not everyone can agree with particular newspapers. To give an alternative perspective to the student body, the HOTPRESSIONS section was born.

Let me break the words down: HOT, PRESS, ION (S).

HOT Passionate

PRESS- Journalists

ION- State or condition

It is called HOTPRESSIONS because topics and articles addressed here will be addressed in a passionate way just as journalists try to cover stories regardless of the state or condition they are faced with. There is no limit to the size you want to present as it can be broken down into parts.






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