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Time By Escati       
In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it is:


April-May 2002

Rest in God's Holy Truth (R.I.G.H.T)


Students vote for SGB candidates on April 11

Pittsburgh Standard presents you Student Government Board candidates' speeches from 'Meet the Candidates'

Pitt students participate in cosmic bowling

Pitt students sell their tickets and get left  behind


Editorial 1: Racial, gender, and special interest groups aim for your vote

Editorial 2:     SGB candidates who do get our support

Top 11 ways students respond to 'SGB' is.....

Letters to the editor:

Cherishing the sanctity of life should always be a beautiful choice for women!

No debate occurs regarding the sin of homosexuality according to the Bible!

Pittsburgh Standard needs to show a little bit more wisdom!                   

Pittsburgh comes alive in the summer time

Pitt senior reflects on his four years of college


Panthers enjoy victories in Pittsburgh before losing in Kentucky at the Sweet 16

Next season for the Panthers looks promising

Prospective teams aiming for the title in 2003

Hoosiers fire the Blue Devils from Sweet 16

Pitt students have a blast at Rupp Arena



Ramesh C. Reddy

Managing Editor

Hi everyone :)

This is sleepy here. You all should be awake by the time you sit and read your email.

Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ remind you of His undying love for you! Amen!

Today Quiet Times (Partial Msg)

"There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death" (Proverbs 14:12)

This is a powerful proverb because it shows us that we are prone to think that our ways seem right but in reality they are wrong. In the end, they can lead to death whether it just be physical, spiritual or both.

Why can we be prone to think that way? We live in a society where the Word of God is not given much credence but the self-gratifications of the flesh are emphasized. There are those that will tell you to go ahead and indulge in those desires. They will also tell you that you should not limit yourself or forbid yourself if your body or mind wants to do something.

They will make you think what you are doing seems right but please don't take their word for it unless you have checked it with Scripture. The Scripture should be your litmus test for any actions you intend to take.

It is not about what you think is right that is important but doing what is right is important. Many people have innocently thought the wrong things but that has not excused them for their actions. Let us choose the path we need to take based on the principles of the Word of God. Let us be governed by the Word of God. It is through the Word that we are given direction.

If we want to do something, it is so easy to rationalize that there is nothing wrong with what we are doing even if there is something wrong all along. Please do not forsake obedience to the Spirit of the living God.

Allow the Lord Jesus Christ to guide you and lead you as you rest in God's Holy Truth.

Rest In God's Holy Truth (R.I.G.H.T)


Jesus, many times we are prone to do things the way we want them done. Please forgive us Lord for that. We are so sorry and ask you to help us overcome our desire to sin in certain areas of our lives. Without your help and intervention we will continue to do things our own way because to our minds they would seem right. We are sorry Lord. Help us to do what you want us to do with our life. Thank you so much Jesus. Show us your power Lord and thank you so much for the love you have lavished upon us. We can rest in your Holy Truth knowing that you will bring us through. Thank you Lord there are so many times you show us what we must do and when we do them we find blessings. We turn our lives to thee and to the usage of your plan. Whatever your will is in our lives, please give us the willingness and strength to bear it. Thank you so much Jesus! In Your Name We Pray Jesus! Amen!

Love in Christ,


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