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In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it is:

June-July-August 2002


Volume I, Issue IX


Review of Kuntz Bakery


University of Eternal Life 

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Caitlin Kelly

Pittsburgh Standard

An oasis of smog-free air, smiling faces, and baked goods of every imaginable size, color, and shape make Kuntz Bakery especially unique in bustling Oakland. In a world that hardly sells anything for under a dollar, Kuntz Bakery lets you get more for your money. You can get  $0.50 donuts; two muffins for a dollar; and one day old cakes for two dollars to name a few prices.

Not only are the goods light, fluffy, and sweet but smiling faces early in the morning are also pleasant touches, adding to its charm. A modest, traditional bakery with a very simple setup, two long counters on either side of  a central aisle, make the bakery a welcome anachronism.