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Time By Escati       
In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it is:

January 2002             

Panthers rise to victory in Orlando!

Volume I, Issue V

Students party in theme parks at discounted prices


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2. Resurrection teaches readers.

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Pre-game festivities a big hit among Pitt students

Panthers Tangerine Bowl victory spreads cheer through football players, cheerleaders, and fans!

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Expressions of praise give audience new hope!

Football finds the farm!


Students enjoy pre-game and post-game events!

Wolfpack sent back to caves in Orlando!















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Ramesh C. Reddy
Managing Editor

The Pittsburgh Panthers pulled out the Tangerine Bowl 34-19 victory against the North Carolina State Wolfpack on Thursday, Dec 20, 2001. The game was played at 7:30 p.m. at the Citrus Bowl stadium in Orlando, Fl.

The Panthers scored first with 10:36 remaining in the 1st quarter to take a 3-0 lead on Nick Lotzís 27-yard field goal.

With 2:16 remaining in the 1st quarter, the Wolfpack tied the game 3-3 on Adam Kikerís 32-yard field goal. The 1st quarter ended with a 3-3 tie.

In the ensuing 2nd quarter, the Pantherís scored first with 10:17 remaining in the half to take a 10-3 lead on QB David Priestlyís 15-yard TD pass to WR Antonio Bryant and an extra point by Nick Lotz. Panthers scored again with 4:06 remaining in the half to take a 17-3 lead on Priestlyís 2-yard TD pass to Bryant and an extra point by Lotz.

In the ensuing kickoff, the Wolfpack closed in when Gregory Golden returned the kickoff 90-yards to make it a 17-10 game with 3:48 remaining in the half.

The Pitt fans were not happy to see Golden return the kick for a touchdown. One of the fans shouted, "Pitt special teams suck and the kickoff team is horrible".

With 3:48 remaining in the half, Panthers got the ball back and got a break with 0:52 seconds remaining when the Wolfpack were given a personal foul for roughing the kicker giving the Panthers an automatic first down.

Before halftime, the Panthers would put more points on the board with 0:20 seconds remaining to take a 24-10 lead into halftime on Rod Rutherfordís 2-yard TD run and Lotzís extra point.

Photo By: Ramesh C. Reddy

Cheerleaders salute panthers after a touchdown!

Halftime activities progressed with a tangerines challenge where 3 teams competed to roll 3 huge tangerine colored balls down the field, put them through the field goal post, and rolling it back to the starting point.

The bands also gave a performance before halftime ended.

As the 3rd quarter began, with 10:02 remaining in the quarter, the Panthers would score on Lotzís 33-yard field goal to take a 27-10 lead. The quarter ended with only the Pantherís scoring.

With the Wolfpack trailing by 17-points in the 4th quarter, they would cut the lead to 11-points on QB Phillips Riversí 5-yard TD pass to Dovonte Edwards with 14:56 remaining in the game to make it 27-16 as Kiker missed an extra point.

Later, the Wolfpack would score again to make it an 8-point game with 9:39 remaining on Kikerís 19-yard field goal to make it 27-19.

The Wolfpack prevented the Panthers from scoring since there was 10:02 remaining in the 3rd quarter for a consecutive 18 min 45 sec and were closing in with 9 unanswered points in the 4th quarter until a critical fumble recovered by the Panthers put away the game for good.

With 6:45 remaining in the game, Tyre Young of the Pantherís defense picked up the fumble and ran 16-yards for a defensive TD and Lotz scored the extra point to give the Pantherís a 34-19 lead.

After that costly fumble recovery for a defensive TD, the Wolfpack did not score again and the Panthers won their first bowl game in 23 years after quarter ended.

When the game was over the Panther players rushed onto the field in jubilation and Torrie Cox rushed to where the Pitt fans were, climbed into the fan stands, and spent time with the fans near him, returning later to the field.

Floridaís Lt. Governor Frank T. Brogan presented Walt Harris and the Panther football team with the Tangerine Bowl Trophy to cap of a roller coaster Panther season.