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Time By Escati       
In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it is:


 March 2002



Pitt cheerleaders and dance team rock the Fitzerald Fieldhouse

Panthers celebrate Big East West Championship at the Fieldhouse

Controversy arises for SGB, Delta Tau Delta, and Rainbow Alliance

Students participated in different activities near the cafeterias

Bread for the world promotes hunger awareness

Habitat for humanity fundraises with creativity


Editorial: SGB's board appointment raises questions

Letters to the Editor:

The sinfulness of homosexuality is up for debate!

Principles of oppression hurt society

Israel: Whose land is it anyway?

"Mi casa es su casa": My home is your home

One man's sorrow should not be another's joy.

Bensylvania by Ben Goldblatt

Play the NCAA Tournament contest to win money


Review of Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand

Hip-hopper KRS-One once again comes to Pitt


Pitt finishes at the Fieldhouse with firepower

Knight and Howland receive Big East honors


Jubilee Afrikana rocks the Hilton Hotel in Downtown

Only the right antidote can protect your life

There is evidence to support Christ's resurrection

Mannafest conference helps rock the Holiday Inn in Ohio

Some of God's Children choir rocks the William Pitt Union


Gospel revealed through semantics and word play

In remembrance of 'Good Friday', the top 25 student responses to 'Loving the world God...'

God's love is alphabetically revealed in random languages

Students reflect on the cross through poetry


Students reflect on the cross through poetry

Darkest Hour

By Andrea Sudik

A ring of fire encircles you

I want to reach out and touch you

But the climbing flames

Make that seem impossible

The sparks that fly out and shock me

Do not hurt

For not to love you, only breaks my heart

As the flames grow hotter,

You do not burn

For your soul is eternal

A gift for which I yearn

You seem to slip away from my grasp

An aching feeling that I hope

Will not last

As I cannot reach you

I cry and dream

Of the times together, that were miraculous

I thought it seemed


Ransom Paid

By Ramesh C. Reddy

I was caught in sin

Without a way to win

Satan became my master

Sin started controlling me faster

My whole life was a night

Without a ray of light

Sin had shown me its might

I would always lose the fight

Until I was made right

Now sin had lost its power

On a Good Friday hour

Because Jesus took all my sin on Calvayís hill

Delivering me from Satanís will

Satan wanted to perish me

Jesus wanted to cherish me

He knew the Cross was the Only Way!

My ransom He decided to pay!

Delivering me from Satanís sinful flood

Nails pierced Jesusí hands and feet, shedding His blood

Darkness covered the earth

I received new birth

I was washed whiter than snow

As the Savior I came to know

I am free at last

From my sinful past




By Andrea Sudik

The sunlight breaks across

Your face

As you are lifted through the clouds

Carried on

To a place where you shall continue

The sky, so blue and bright

Reassures me that I have nothing to fear

Here on earth, I know your time

Has come to an end

But the beginning of your spirit

Has just come

Your soul is one

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