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“Mission Statement of Our Paper

By Ramesh C.Reddy
Pittsburgh Standard

Aug 11, 2009

Editor's Note: The Mission Statement of our paper will be in blue-color coding after the background history of how Pittsburgh Standard started as a print edition and now an online edition.

Hello, my name is Ramesh C. Reddy!  As the publisher of the online edition of the Pittsburgh Standard, I would like to welcome you to our paper. The paper originally started out as a monthly paper edition serving predominantly the Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh community. It was funded by the Center for Life and Family to give students an alternative paper to the Pitt News and the Tartan.
           It was a pilot program for an entire school year from September 2001-April 2002. We ran the paper without paid advertisements. As of April 2002, the print edition had stopped but I am so grateful for all the staff that made the paper possible from the publisher to each writer.
         When the print edition was not going to be coming anymore, I was a bit disappointed because I heard wonderful stories of the impact the paper made in many student’s lives. I did not want that impact to be stifled just because there was not going to be a print edition.
          As the then managing editor of the paper, I took it upon myself to do what I could so that the paper would continue if not as a paper edition. With this in mind, I contacted the publisher to see if I could use the Pittsburgh Standard’s name to run the paper online. I was able to acquire the Pittsburgh Standard’s name to run an online edition as long as the Center for Life and Family would be absolved of having anything to do with the online edition since they won't be able to monitor it frequently.
          An agreement was reached and the Pittsburgh Standard was born on a commercial site
http://www.pittsburghstandard.com. Just because I decided to start an online edition of the paper, I did not want people to forget what made this opportunity possible.
          With this in mind, I have archived all of the paper edition issues from Sept 2001-April 2002 and included them on the site with an  archives section since April 2002.
          Now as the paper runs as a commercial site, I don’t intend to forget what made the paper successful. If anything, I hope to see the online edition improve over the paper edition.
          I encourage you all to look through the archives to see the kind of articles that were covered in the paper so you can know what the editors and writers made possible. All of them will be moving on but the Pittsburgh Standard will remain. It will remain to reach out to readers in different ways through the different sections of the paper.
          If you have always wanted to write and could never find the opportunity to write, I invite you to come aboard the PS. The online paper can only become better with dedicated editors and writers who have a passion to use the paper as a means of public service whether that service includes covering breaking news, writing impressions and expressions to influence and challenge the public, etc as a means to glorify Christ whatever we publish. The paper does not end with those sections alone for there is more to the paper to reach the public masses. You can reach me with any questions or comments at reddy4HisGlory2004@yahoo.com or  

     I would now like to leave you with the words of the former Editor-in-Chief, Jeremy Day.  He is the one who took it upon himself, with other members of Chi Alpha Ministries, the responsibility of making the print-edition of the paper a reality and influenced lots of students with the limited staff team he was able to have. Of course none of this would have been possible without the Lord's help of using Andrew McMullen who brought the idea of PS to the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.
    Day said, “As part of our effort to respect and acknowledge all viewpoints, we welcome comments and submissions. We do this to continually provide a high level of service and integrity to our readership. We want to give you all the information you need and want, when you want it. So enjoy yourself as you are looking through the Pittsburgh Standard and thanks for reading!
The mission of our paper is “To get the truth behind various news stories out into the public’s eye and educate them in various ways. We will not be biased one way or the other, but we will always carry the light of truth that comes from Christ. Our hope is to slowly pull our generation from the quagmire that Hollywood and the media has seemed to have led us into.”

       Through the years, the paper had lost its focus on what Day originally intended. What has already been written will not be removed but from now on to bring the paper back to its original mission, as of AUG 11, 2009, we will no longer be a conservative paper alone.
      Instead, we will be an objective paper whose focus will be on emphasizing a biblical worldview in our writings whether we are labeled as conservative, liberal, libertarian, socialist, communist, etc in our coverage of what is happening on the campus, in the city, in the country, and in the continents from a biblical worldview.     
     We will however not forget to reach out to the masses with the Gospel of Jesus Christ whenever we can! We encourage all to join our staff and have their work published.
    We come #1 in Google search when our name is typed in the search engine which did not happen before. Also, our writers can usually be found on Google search!

     We are looking for writers and editors to follow the mission of our paper in these sections:
|Expressions |Impressions |Hotpressions |News| Greek Life |Education |Entertainment |Multimedia |Sports | Food |CulturalLife |Features| Archives | Top 5

     EXPRESSIONS: Includes devotionals, articles on Christian faith, and Christian religious events   on campus.

     IMPRESSIONS: Includes opinionated columns.

     HOTPRESSIONS: Includes rebuttal columns of local newspapers if the need arises.

     NEWS: Includes news coverage of campus life and non-campus life events.

    GREEKLIFE:  Includes extensive coverage of what is happening in sorority and fraternity life.

    EDUCATION: Includes sample study questions on various subjects useful for students.

   ENTERTAINMENT: Includes reviews of movies, songs, games, books, and other entertainment venues.

   MULTIMEDIA: Includes photos, slideshows, video footage, or audio footage of student events.

  SPORTS: Includes coverage of Pitt sports teams especially football.

  FOOD: Includes reviews of restaurants, students' dining experiences, recipes, and menus.

  CULTURAL LIFE: Includes extensive coverage of the diverse cultural events on local campuses.

  TIMECAPSULE: Includes extensive coverage of campus events that happened in the past.

 ARCHIVES: Includes extensive archival footage from the past.

 TOP 5: Includes Top 5 viewed pages for the month in different categories.

     We hope you join us! We write for you! You decide for us!

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