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Pittsburgh Standard has a strict policy of not removing any articles, photos, or videos that have been published online from 2001- present unless it violates journalistic laws. Any articles, photos, or videos published become the right of the paper.

We operate strictly abiding by three rules:
1. Freedom of the Press
2. Freedom of Speech
3. Copyright Fair Use Doctrine

Invalid reasons for removal using hypothetical examples:

1. You have published an article for Pittsburgh Standard with conservative views. Years later, you have liberal views and don't want your article to appear in google search when your name is typed.

2. You have published an article regarding hot button issues, the Bible, politics, etc but don't hold to those same views anymore days later, months later, or years later and want your article removed.

3. You agree for your name to be published in PS or be on the editorial board of PS but years later don't want to be associated with PS anymore because your religious, political, and social views have changed.

 4. A video of you is published as part of a news story, campus life, Greek Life, etc that you are aware/unaware of but years later you don't want to be associated with the PS so you want your video and name removed because it shows up in google search, etc

5. If I don't want my name or video to appear in your site, I have a right to ask it to be removed even years later.

 Even though we won't remove any articles or videos that have been published because of journalistic ramifications (such as time stamp changing on the original article, freedom of press, copyright fair use, etc) for removing something that has already been published, we will create a new article for you referencing the old article or video.

For example, if you had written an article holding a conservative view regarding a topic, but now don't hold that view anymore.

We will allow you to publish a new article with the view you hold referencing the old article stating, 'The previous article's view is not held by the author anymore'

Valid reasons for removal using hypothetical example:

1. If an article or video published is libelous, slanderous, etc based on a court finding where we lose the case.

2. A court order is given to remove an article or video if we lose the challenge in court and decide not to appeal.

Why we have this strict removal policy?

Our lives and the words we have published or the videos published of us have ramifications. Everything that is published is influential to someone else positively or negatively. PS exists to influence.

In the future if someone changes their mind on a topic, video, etc but don't want the world to know how they felt in the past or what they did, we cannot just delete the article or video from the server. History of the PS and what has been published since 2001-present has to remain. We do not want to open pandora's box. If we remove an article or video for one person, then by right we have to do it for everyone without discriminating.

“Gravely Greek Sing Streaming Videos Viciously Create Copyright Infringement Inuendo!





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