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Mexican exchange student enters a party!

Juan Ituarte
Pittsburgh Standard

Editors Note: The published of Pittsburgh Standard does not believe in premarital sex since it is against the Bible! Everything published in Pittsburgh Standard is not necessarily agreed upon but we give others opportunities to present their views.

Party! Such a nice word, just to hear it! It turns the week’s struggle into a memory, and the weekend into a sweet reality. But what is the meaning of partying?

            Where I come from, the land of Tequila and big sombreros, a party is the time when you are with your friends enjoying some drinks, food, “dancing” and having a good time. It is all about friendship and fun.

But then I came to Pitt, and my concept of partying was changed by everything I have seen here. I have been in all kinds of parties this semester from keg parties, to frat parties, to clubs and bars, and to even those called friends’ reunions, and I can describe all those in a paragraph without making any distinctions among them.

            First, there is plenty of alcohol.  I am lucky because I am 22 and it is legal for me to drink in the USA.

 I realized that it is not legal to drink here unless you are 21 even though it is legal in Mexico, where the legal drinking age is 18. You drink there because you like it not just for the fun of it just because you turned 21.

When I go to a bar here, I remember my days back just to get stupidly drunk and feel I was bigger and stronger than the authorities. Here, every party I go, I see the bunch of drunk girls and guys, under 21 of course, trying to get in the line one more time to get an extra beer and add it to their drinking Hall of Fame and then getting in the line for the bathroom or anything else that works.

When girls and guys are drunk, the next issue comes: Dancing.

            What is the deal with all that “grind dancing”? That is not dancing but just trying to satisfy all your sexual desires in someone else’s place without taking your clothes off. It is only one level over masturbation in the sexual pyramid. I just do not get it.

Girls, if you want to have sex, ask the guys you like for some, if not, do not spend your time grinding with a guy just to give him some anecdotes for the next day’s lunch. There are a lot of different dances and they are also fun. They might need more coordination or rhythm, but anyone can learn them. Even if you are one of those people with two left feet and stiff legs, you can learn with some just practicing.

            I could keep writing about the differences I have experienced here but I would never finish, so I just want to conclude with an invitation. Next time you go out to a party try to have fun without getting more than a couple of drinks.

Better yet, try to enjoy the music or the dance floor without rubbing your body with a girl or guy that is drunk. You’ll see there are lots of different ways to have fun and that alcohol is not a must to have a nice time.


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Volume I, Issue IV