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Panther enjoys life outside of the zoo

Ramesh C. Reddy
Managing Editor

Ramesh: Has the Panther found a She-Panther yet?

Panther: Yeah, I have a girlfriend! She does not go to school here though. She goes to JMU.

Ramesh: JMU?

Panther: James Madison University.

Ramesh: Okay! Cool! Whatís their mascot back there?

Panther: James Madison?

Ramesh: Yeah!

Panther: The Duke Dog

Ramesh: Okay! Where does the Panther like to live in the winter season?

Panther: In the winter season? I am usually up at the Field House for the basketball games. I live on Atwood St.

Ramesh: Do you like to live there?

Panther: Yeah, I love it there! It is a great location. I am right across from India Garden and right up the street is Antoonís Pizza. You canít beat the location.

Ramesh: Wonderful! With the holiday season coming up, what does the Panther like to celebrate and why?

Panther: Christmas, Christmas!  I am Christian so you know Jesusí birthday is pretty important.

Ramesh: Cool! Do you like to be the mystery Panther or prefer people to know the person behind the mask?

Panther:  Well, a lot of people know I am the Panther because of the article last year. All my friends tell everybody wherever I go that I am the Pitt Panther. It doesnít matter to me; I donít care if people know. I prefer I guess to be like the mystery Panther because I do a lot of silly things. I wouldnít be as embarrassed about it if people didnít know who I was.

Ramesh: What is the Pantherís favorite sport and why?

Panther: Football! I love it; I have played it so many years and generally the crowd is more intense. You draw in more people and it is a lot of fun. Other mascots come to that and I can have fun with them. I think it is more intense.

Ramesh: Great! Does the Panther like to study Zoology, the study of animals?

Panther: Actually, honestly I thought about majoring in that and going into veterinarian school and something like that because I have an Iguana. I am into pets and I love dogs. I wanted to work in a zoo this past summer but I kind of threw out that idea. I want to be a teacher.

Ramesh: What kind of music does the Panther love to listen to?

Panther: I love all kinds of music. I love country, rap, rock, and so on.

Ramesh: What is your favorite band and female singer?

Panther: As a band I love OR: Our Revolution, they are my favorite band right now and I have to go with Brittany Spears!

Panther: Yeah!

Ramesh: Did you go to her concert?

Panther: No, my friends made it. I could not make it that night. My family came in because it was my birthday weekend and I had to entertain them rather than going and seeing Brittany Spears.

Ramesh: Awe, they should be entertaining you on your birthday.

Panther: Yeah!

Ramesh: Have you ever watched ďAll Dogs Go to Heaven?Ē before you became a Panther?

Panther: ďAll Dogs Go to Heaven?Ē I have seen the movie. I think it is a good movie.

Ramesh: Do you believe in Heaven and Hell and If so, why?

Panther: Yes, I definitely do! I was raised Christian and go to church not as much here but I go to a lot of Bible studies. I go to Cornerstone. I donít know if you have ever heard of that?

Ramesh: Yes!

Panther: I go to that! I try to keep involved. I have morals as a Christian. I definitely believe in Heaven and Hell.

Ramesh: Wow! What is the Pantherís favorite food?

Panther: I am a big Chinese fan. I really love Chinese food. I go to that. Chinese buffet a lot.

Ramesh: Cool! What is the Pantherís favorite beverage?

Panther: Favorite beverage? Cherry Coke!

Ramesh: Any reason why?

Panther: I have always loved Cherry Coke. Itís my ultimate favorite.

Ramesh: How much sleep does the Panther need on the average?

Panther: I make sure I get 8 hours on the average. If I donít get 8 hours of sleep, I am miserable and cannot function well.

Ramesh: Wow! How does the Panther celebrate his birthday?

Panther: Well, this year my family came up. They took me out to dinner and gave me all kinds of gifts. Thatís pretty much it! I get a cake, the normal birthday thing.

Ramesh: Was your girlfriend able to make it?

Panther: Yeah, she came up this year! It was nice!

Ramesh: Cool! In closing, what words of wisdom does the Panther give to the student body for their years at Pitt?

Panther: Wow! Just keep up the hardcore Pitt Spirit you know. Be hardcore fans and show up! Thatís about it!

Ramesh: Thank you so much _____ (handshake). I really appreciate it. Yeah!

Panther: Wow!

Ramesh: Thank you very much!


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Volume I, Issue IV