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Time By Escati       
In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it is:





Students party in theme parks at discounted prices


Editorial: Support of readers is awesome!

Letters to the editor:

1. Reader wants paper to fail. 

2. Resurrection teaches readers.

End of Letters to the editor!

Dreams should not be left to wind.

Trying to be American


Pre-game festivities a big hit among Pitt students

Panthers Tangerine Bowl victory spreads cheer through football players, cheerleaders, and fans!

PPC sponsors trip to Tangerine Bowl


The top 21 responses to 'I have a dream today that....'

Chi Omega rocks in student's life!


Psyche and Eros find themselves wrapped in new telling of old myth by C.S. Lewis


Zultan/Yunich enlighten freshman student!

Teacher offers great support!

Start the year 2002 with a new perspective!

 Music teaches

Expressions of praise give audience new hope!

Football finds the farm!


Students enjoy pre-game and post-game events!

Wolfpack sent back to caves in Orlando!



Support of readers is awesome!

It is a new year, and a new paper, our fifth issue. The support of you, our readers, has been tremendous and although we are still struggling to bring this paper onto a higher level of quality we take great pride in knowing we are so well received.

We have a lot going on in this issue, including outstanding coverage of the tangerine bowl. It sounds like everyone had a great time down there. Not to mention, our very own Managing Editor, Ramesh Reddy. He sure knows how to get some great pictures. The great thing about the whole trip is that we won. So remember to congratulate all of our football team members when you see them.

We have added a new member to our editorial team and his name is Randolph Romero. He is going to be our new Impressions Editor. We are happy to have him aboard and we are sure he will make a fine addition to our team.

And as always, we ask that you continue to help us make a contribution to our society by writing in our newspaper. We reach an average of about ten thousand people a month and we would love for you to write about news stories that matter to you, and to those around you.

Once again we thank you for reading, we thank you for writing, and we thank you for helping to make this paper great. Let us work toward making this year even better than the one before it. Happy New Years!


Express Your View


 Impressions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the Pittsburgh Standard staff or its funders. Letters to the editor should be no more than 300 words and should include the writer's name, phone number, and community affiliation for verification. Letters must be sent by email to the Pittsburgh Standard at Express Your View . All letters sent to the paper will be considered for publication. The Pittsburgh Standard is an independent student-written and student-managed newspaper for the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon community. It is published once a month.

Copyright 2002 by the Pittsburgh Standard

Reader wants paper to fail

The only thing worse than the opinions expressed in your paper is the quality of the writing. I will take personal pleasure in watching your paper fail, as the opinions expressed therein reflect "journalists" who are ignorant, uneducated, personally offensive, and in possession of no talent whatsoever.


Gabe Simon

Resurrection teaches readers

I just wanted to say that I thought "Resurrection: Is it fact or fiction" was a great article! I think it is good that you publish articles like this one to reach out to, and teach people about Jesus Christ. Keep up the great job!


Express Your View


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