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In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it is:





Students party in theme parks at discounted prices


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Dreams should not be left to wind.

Trying to be American


Pre-game festivities a big hit among Pitt students

Panthers Tangerine Bowl victory spreads cheer through football players, cheerleaders, and fans!

PPC sponsors trip to Tangerine Bowl


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 Music teaches

Expressions of praise give audience new hope!

Football finds the farm!


Students enjoy pre-game and post-game events!

Wolfpack sent back to caves in Orlando!


Pre-game festivities a big hit among Pitt students

Ramesh C. Reddy                                                                                                                            Managing Editor

At 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 20, 2001 fans boarded buses to go to the pre-game festivities. On their way to the pre-game there was singing and lots of talking.

As the bus arrived at the pre-game festivities around 4:15 p.m. two Pitt seniors, Jennifer Matthews and Lauren Taintor were really excited. "It feels awesome. Itís great to be down here and the Pitt Pride is everywhere", said Taintor

"Itís a great way to end our four years at Pitt. We are having so much fun. I love Pitt", said Matthews. Many fans enjoyed the pre-game festivities before the Tangerine Bowl began. 

The Pitt band was getting the fans fired up and the dance team & cheerleaders performed as the Pitt football team ran into the stadium.

Panthers' Tangerine Bowl victory spreads cheer through football players, cheerleaders, and fans 


Fans crowd around the Panther mascot at the  Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, FL. and watch the Pitt Marching Band welcome the Pittsburgh Panthers football team.


University of Pittsburgh football players  rush the field after the final buzzer sounded on the 34-19 victory over the  North Carolina State Wolfpack. Panther emblem is displayed.

A member of the University of Pittsburgh cheerleading team brandishes a flag with a picture of the Pittsburgh Panther on it to salute the football team for scoring a touchdown as fans jubilantly cheer on!


The University of Pittsburgh Golden Girls, Dance Team, and Cheerleaders were excited to perform for their Panthers at the Visit Florida Tangerine Bowl.

Photos By: Ramesh C. Reddy


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