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"Remember Everyday Jesus Offers Inspirational Comfort Eternally!" (R.E.J.O.I.C.E)

Ramesh C. Reddy

"Yes, and I will continue to rejoice, for I know through your prayers and the help given by the Spirit of Jesus Christ, what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance." (Philippians 1:19, NIV)

I asked myself, what 3 things do I learn about Paul?
1. I will continue to rejoice.
I know through your prayers what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance.
I know through the help given by the Spirit of Jesus Christ, what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance.

I decided to focus on point 1 today:

I asked myself what is the significance of Paul continuing to rejoice? 
Knowing Paul was in jail, shackled with chains, and he still was able to rejoice is significant enough because he is setting an example for the Philippians that rejoicing is not based on good things happening to them but having the knowledge that the Gospel is being advanced and having a deeper relationship with Christ amidst what is happening around them. I do not know about you but Paul's rejoicing reveals to me more about Christ than Paul's own character. Christ means a lot to Paul that chains nor people's tactics stop him from rejoicing. The reason he rejoices is because Christ is being preached. Again seeing Paul's reaction and attitude just makes me want to know more and more about Jesus! Paul rejoices also because he has faith that whatever is happening to him will turn out for his deliverance.

I asked myself what are the implications for my own life?
When people see me rejoice, it should not be based on them thinking that rejoicing is occurring because of the good things that are happening to me but instead because of my relationship with Christ and that Christ is preached.

I learned the purpose of today's devotional is to know rejoicing in the Lord is not dependent on circumstances in our lives but on Christ in our lives who oversees all circumstances.

I ask you now dear friend, what reason do you have to rejoice in life?
Dear friend, if you are thinking about all the good things that have happened to you and the good things that are happening, that is a valid reason to rejoice in the Lord BUT what if things are not going your way.
What if you are spiritually dry, depressed, lonely, jobless, clueless, then what? Friend, it is then that rejoicing in the Lord has the most potent effect because it not only separates you from Satan and his henchmen who want to keep you in dire straits BUT it also lifts you up in the Lord as we see Paul's own example while he was in chains, shackled, and  a prisoner. His rejoicing showed the Philippians and us that there is more to life than getting things our own way. When people see us rejoicing in Christ when things are not good in our lives, then our lives become such a powerful testimony for Christ and eventually blessings will come Christ's way and not ours. I am reminded of what happened to JOB.

I do not know what you are going through. You may feel like you are trapped and everything that can go wrong seems to go wrong. No matter what you are going through, rejoice in the Lord and in His promises for your life. It won't be easy but when you spend time with the Lord and experience His love and touch in your lives, the rejoicing will come because you will have hope through life's tight rope. Start with the Psalms and turn them into personal praises and prayers remembering deliverance is at hand! Praise the Lord!

Even if things are horrible in life the greatest reason to rejoice is the reason we see Paul rejoicing in that Christ is being preached. When Christ is being preached, lives are turned around for His honor and glory. Because Christ is being preached, our sins are out in the forefront where we realize we cannot save ourselves nor overcome our sin on our own. No, we need the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to save us. We come to realize that Jesus paid the ultimate price for us with HIS BLOOD to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us!

Jesus did that to save us and restore us to the Father that we can have a personal relationship with Him and always rejoice! Help us Oh Lord! Thank you! Amen! May you remember everyday, Jesus offers inspirational comfort eternally!

"Remember Everyday Jesus Offers Inspirational Comfort Eternally!" (R.E.J.O.I.C.E)/"What reason do you have to R.E.J.O.I.C.E in life?"

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you so much for helping me learn about rejoicing. You Oh Lord have worked in Paul's life to such an effect that no matter what is happening to him, he is able to rejoice. He is able to rejoice because He knows deliverance is at hand in Your timing and Your way. Thank you Jesus. Also, he is able to rejoice because you are being preached. Help us to always rejoice Lord. We cannot on our own and need your help that our lives will reflect the glory of the risen Lord.  Thank you Father God. In Your Name I Pray Jesus! AMEN!

May the Lord Jesus guide you in His love leading you! Amen!

No matter what you feel in your heart, know that Jesus has come in and resides with you! You are not alone! To make your walk strong with the Lord, spend time in prayer talking to Him as you would to a friend. You donít need special words to talk to the Lord. Spend time in His Word reading Psalms and turniLOVINGg them into prayer. Next allow God to heal you and speak to you through the Gospel of John or Gospel of Mark before moving on to other Books of the Bible! Slowly, let the Lord show you to which Scriptures He wants you to go to next. It is also important to be part of a body of believers to help you grow in the faith. Find a Bible believing church that preaches the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation proclaiming Jesus Christ our crucified and risen Lord who brings us hope, healing, and help by His grace alone!

Feel free to email me at if you want to meet to study the Bible, pray with, talk about Spiritual issues or whatever is on your mind! My number is 412-641-9426

"This is my work and I can do it only because Christ's mighty energy is at work within me." (Colossians 1:29, TLB)

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