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Child Celebrates Christ!”

Ramesh C. Reddy

When I got a letter in the mail, I saw myself getting anxious so I had to turn my thoughts towards God's Word and claim His promises. Instead of giving into anxiety, I gave into the One who gives peace through anxiety. I prayed through Philippians 4:6-7. It was a blessed time! My precious wife
Chandraleela told me how proud she was of me because I did not give into temptation to worry. While I was reflecting on God's Word, my precious daughter Esther (7+) wanted to sing a worship song to the Lord Jesus that she wrote.


While listening to the song, my heart turned towards worship towards the Lord. I was so touched by the song. Usually, Chandra leads the house in worship songs but this time our daughter did. What is exciting is that age does not matter to worship the Lord and lead others to worship the Lord Jesus as I am reminded of Psalm 8. We hope you are blessed by the words of a 7-year old to Jesus as you make it your own prayer as we have.

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