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“Bible Academy V: 10 Digits!

Ramesh C. Reddy,


10 digits is all I got
To tell you are loved a lot
Your heart the Lord has sought
When to sin's bondage you were caught
With His precious Blood you were bought
Now, Satan cannot make you a ZERO
Because the Lord will be your hero

God became the Only ONE
To send His Only begotten Son
When your sins weighed a ton

With the fish of only TWO
Miracles the Lord did do
Then the crowd decided to woo

The nails of THREE
Jesus took to set you free
Upon a cross taken from a tree

To give you life He died FOUR
So you can enter Heaven's door
As your sins He bore

Later He appeared to more than 100 x FIVE
To show Himself alive
With Him in Eternity you can thrive

Humanity He created on Day SIX
But with Satan, humanity decided to mix
Only Christ could the problem fix

Forgiving us more than 70 x SEVEN
Giving us access to the wonders of Heaven
Whether you are Evelyn or Evan

It's all in Romans EIGHT
You are justified by faith
Upon Him please wait

To your life apply Romans 10: NINE
So spiritually you can be fine
And with Jesus dine!

 Reddy’s Right Rhetoric takes you into the time capsule of Aug 25, 2001 to show Bible promises. He can be reached at


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