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“Book Review of 'More Than Enough'!” by Rod Parsley

Ramesh C. Reddy

Book Release Date:  2008
Publisher: Results Publishing
Author: Paul David Tripp

'More Than Enough' by Rod Parsley (2008)

Source: http://www.rodparsley.com

Pages: 116

Time taken to read approx: 90 minutes (1 hr 30 min)




I really enjoyed reading ‘More than Enough’ by Rod Parsley because it used narrative examples from the Bible to show how God works in those who are obedient to Him and walk by faith.  What is more touching is the story of how God worked in the life of one person who did not deserve to be where he was. Now when he received all that he received, he knew it was because of a covenant and not because of what he could do.

It is a book that encourages you to move beyond mediocrity and in faith in what the Lord asks you to do. It challenges you to not settle for less but for more than enough because you belong to the King of Kings and Lord of lords. It makes you see that in the Lord alone can you defeat the deception of Satan.

It is a book that addresses the issues of tithing, faith, obedience, and God’s covenant. It is a book that emphasizes not leaning on our own understanding but leaning on the Lord who gives us understanding to move forward. It is a book that makes us see the power of God’s Word when it is spoken and put to practice.

 Questions to Ponder:

1.     There were many biblical stories shared by the author to bring out principles for living. Which story made an impact on you the most and why?

2.     What is your view of tithing and how is that view similar or different to what you read?

3.     What situation in your life have you exercised your faith in the Lord and what was the tangible outcome that you saw? How is it different or similar to what you read?

4.     How do you feel God speaks to you and how is it different or similar to what you read?

5.     How do you feel about God’s covenant towards you and how should that change your way of living in light of what you read?

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