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“Messages Menace Moore's Christian Candidacy!”

Ramesh C. Reddy

Sexual assault allegations against Alabama Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore have sunk him down the polls just as the leftist media hoped for. My issue with the allegations is the timing of the allegations and motive which make me doubt the truthfulness of the allegations.

Whenever the leftist media want to derail the candidacy of those they hate to the bone, the number  one weapon has always been to find people to accuse them of sexual assault allegations and then try to make it stick. The leftist papers of the New York Times (NYT) and Washington Post (WP) are dubiously great at this and so are the leftist channels of CNN and MSNBC super at this.

This happened with President Donald Trump while he was a candidate running against Hillary Rodham Clinton but thanks to the right people who voted on issues that matter to them, NYT, WP, CNN, and MSNBC lost to the bone.

Now they are at it again but this time to destroy the Christian candidacy of Moore.

Will they succeed this time while they failed last time?

My hope is that they won’t if the faithful people of Alabama who elected Trump by 28 points over Clinton will see the whole picture and vote for Moore instead of the extreme leftist Democratic candidate Doug Jones.

My hope is to paint the whole picture to the best of my ability and let the people decide whether Moore should be elected to the U.S. Senate.

Does it not bother anyone that sexual assault allegations can be named against anyone putting a mark on their character even if those allegations could be false?

Let us not forget the Biblical story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife, what happened to the Duke Lacrosse Team, the Rolling Stone’s article, etc that have falsely accused a man of assaulting a woman. Most recently Teen Vogue columnist wrote that it does not matter if woman bring false sexual assault allegations against men because they deserve it anyway.


Whose to say the women against Moore are not lying 40 years later?

Do we know for sure they are telling the truth?

Moore denies all these allegations and the timing of these allegations raise doubt in my own mind because of a 40-year gap.

All these allegations against Moore supposedly happened in 1977, 1978, 1979, and 1991.

I found it very interesting to know that when Moore was the Assistant District Attorney  (ADA) of Etowah County Alabama from 1977-1982 no one brought these charges against him.

ADA’s are supposed to help prosecute sexual assault cases too and these woman could have had him prosecuted instead of remaining the ADA.

Would you want someone to be an ADA who has engaged in sexual assault himself?

Those people who brought the allegations against Moore 40 years later, were they so selfish from 1977-1982 to speak out against this ADA?

If these allegations are so true, Moore should have been prosecuted then instead of remaining the ADA. Yet, these same people who have accused him 40 years later have allowed him to be the ADA by not speaking out against him.


Is it because there is no truth to their claims or is it so politically motivated?

Atleast, if the accusations were made then and there, there could have been an investigation to assess the validity of these accusations. Yet, not one person or their families came forward then. This bothers me that these same people allowed him to remain the ADA if these allegations were true. That is why it is hard to believe that these allegations are true 40 years later.

Our mindset operates in such a way that we question, “How dare he continues to be the ADA wanting to prosecute cases when he himself should be prosecuted so I am going to expose him.”

Not one person did that though that time or 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 39 years later. Now on the 40th year, all of them come in at once when he is running for the Alabama senatorial seat!

Does it not bother you because it does bother me and I hope it bothers the right people of Alabama!

What I think is, this is political assassination of Moore’s Christian candidacy even if those accusing Moore have said that they voted for Trump.

Just because that person says she voted for Trump, will we believe she is telling the truth?

Sorry, I have a hard time believing that and so should you!

In psychology of law, we have what is known as the discounting principle which refers to a rule of attribution which states that the perceived role of a cause will be discounted or reduced if other plausible causes are also present.

We know that the leftist media and groups are trying their best to derail Moore’s candidacy because of what he stands for during this election.

The argument maybe made that the accusers were teenagers and afraid to come forward against an ADA so let us assume that argument is valid.

What about when Moore became the judge for the Sixteenth Circuit Court of Alabama?

You don’t just become a judge of the Sixteenth Circuit Court of Alabama because the people of Alabama have to elect them.

Moore changed his party from Democrat to Republican and ran for the Sixteenth Circuit Court of Alabama but even then the accusations did not come out.

Would you want someone to be a judge who is accused of sexually assaulting someone when they are supposed to preside over criminal cases including sexual assault?

Yet, these same accusers who came out 40 years later did not bring these charges against Moore when he was running for the Sixteenth Circuit Court of Alabama.

Did they really want sexual assault cases to come before Judge Moore?

If someone is assaulted or raped, they would have gone to the opposition party and shared with them what happened to try to get that person out of there but no one did that for Moore!

You have to ask yourself why?

Is it because it never happened and this is a political ploy?

They had a second opportunity to expose Moore for who they truly believed he was but stood silent.

There is an expression that says, ‘Third times the charm’ so when Moore ran for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama in a partisan election did any of them accuse him of anything?

The answer is NO!

Instead, they let their fellow Alabamians elect Moore to become the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama.

Would you want someone to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama if they are a sexual assaulter?

In essence, the accusers allowed the people of Alabama to elect him.


I think because their claims 40 years later are utterly false or politically motivated in the most twisted sense.

While Moore was challenging Senator Luther Strange (R) in the Republican primary to go against Jones, any one of these woman could have come forward to derail Moore’s candidacy in the hopes that Strange or anyone but Moore could get the Republican nomination to go against Jones but they did not.

Why do you think so?

Did they think if Moore was exposed then, then the Republican nomination could go to Strange and he will keep his seat against Jones?

Is that why they kept quiet even during the primary because their intention is to make Jones win at any cost?

If the accusers say they were afraid then, they could have easily exposed him in the primaries but they did not, why?

This is all political venom to ensure that the Alabamian seat goes to a Democrat who has not won in Alabama since 1992.

The leftist media is trying to enrage the same women voters and Evangelical Christians against Moore like they did for Trump. If Evangelical Christians continue to support Moore, they are demonizing them from the left and right side.

They are even going as far as to stay if Moore is elected by the people of Alabama, the Republican party will become the party of the pedophile. This is just wrong!

If you were a Moore supporter and have backed down from supporting him after these allegations, you need to really ask yourself whether the discounting principle is in play?

Remember, he was the ADA, Sixteenth Circuit Court Judge, and a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court but not one woman came forward then.

Let us not forget that the WP and NYT were available then too!

Even during the Ten Commandment controversy, not one woman came forward saying, ‘How dare he stands behind the Ten Commandments, when he assaulted us?’

Even during the primaries not one woman came forward to derail his candidacy. Any logical right Alabamian can see that something is wrong with this picture.


Because I believe there is no truth to it because if there was, they had multiple opportunities to expose Moore but they did not.

Now in a climate where sexual assault allegations and sexual harassment allegations are ripe in the news, they suddenly want to tell their side to a leftist newspaper that has endorsed Jones. There is something terribly wrong with this picture.

My hope is the right people of Alabama won’t give in to these allegations and abandon Moore. I certainly don’t plan too!

Why is the left so against Moore and looking for anything or anyone to bring accusations against him to turn the right people of Alabama against him?

Let me tell you why?

Moore is a conservative Evangelical Christian who supported the Ten Commandments staying in the courthouse.

Moore is a pro-life judge who has said in a 2014 Supreme Court ruling that laws should protect life from “the moment of conception!”

 Moore rejects the theory of evolution, saying, “There is no such thing as evolution. That we came from a snake? No, I don’t believe that.”

Moore is strongly against Gay marriage and LGBT rights!

These are only some of his positions but if you had a candidate like that running for senate and you hated his views to the bone, would you not try to derail his candidacy anyway you can?

But the real issue is that they don't want a Republican to have the Alabama senate seat.

If these accusations are so true why did they not expose him during the primaries?

Did they want him to remain in the race until the special election so Jones could win after the allegations?

If that were the case, their motives are so twisted!

The right people of Alabama should continue to vote for Moore against Jones without paying any attention to these allegations 40 years later.

Those that voted for Trump who won Alabama by 28 points should give their vote to Moore this Dec 12, 2017 in the special election.


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