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“Top 25 Responses To Candy Cane Question!”

Ramesh C. Reddy

Editors Note: The Top 24 creative responses to the candy cane question were given by students from India who have been involved in International Game Night & Dinner this semester. They creatively filled the statement, 'The original candy cane was made with red and white stripes and is in the shape of a cane because.....

25. Because it could match Santa's flamboyant costume along with supporting him.

Srinidhi Jagannath

24. Cause Ms. Clause thought it would be cute and matches with Santa’s outfit. Santa however, didn’t think it was funny!


23. It reminds us that it completes the wardrobe of Santa Claus whose clothes are red and white and because it's his walking stick

Joseph Sharan

22. Santa Claus is old and he needs cane and the colors are red and white since he is dressed in red and white of that color .

Jenil Nandu

21. Because Santa is an old man and needed a cane to walk. And it is red and white in color because he is also very stylish and wanted it to match his outfit.

Mriga Bhatia

20. It attracts children and the shape represents shepherd's crook.

Hardik Vasa

19. Because the colors make the candy cane easy to spot at night especially for kids & the shape tells you which side to start eating first!

Tamana Contracter

18. Because it looks good, red is generally color of sweetness!


17. Because it is easy for children to steal the candies from the candy shop as the cane has a hook to hang on! Multiple candies can be stolen at one try!

Grishma Gala

16. To keep us 'hooked' onto the sweet pink memory of springtime even in winter.

Vivek Ramachandran

15. Santa wanted children to be good and a candy in the shape of a cane was perfect for them to remember. It reminded the children to be good and innocent.

Pushkar Sane

14. Because of Christmas, and it indicates the colors of Christmas: white and red. White for the snow and red for Santa's red dress, so a symbolic representation of the spirit of Christmas.

Bhavin Modi

13. Because the shape of cane would attract children and also it represents J for Jesus when held upside down, the red color is for love and white is for peace.

Vivek Pujabi

12. Santa who always gives gifts to children wanted a chocolate for himself so he made a candy in shape of a cane so that no one recognizes it! He colored it red and white to suit his attire!  Red for his dress and white for his beard! It is as simple as that.

Tom Charly

11. Because Santa Claus always wears red color clothes with white fur and has a white beard. Santa comes from the chimney and uses candy cane (hook portion) to climb back out of chimney. Also, Santa can catch the children from back collar of their tee with a candy cane while playing with them.

Prachi Shah

10. Because old vampire ladies used them as walking sticks and also to suck the 'red' and 'white' blood cells out of their poor husbands.

Vipul Singh

9. It’s a cane hence in a cane shape and its board committee members would have been Santa Claus, Target, Vodafone, YouTube, Burlington, Macys... who have seen red and white always!

Harsha Reddy

8. Because a candy cane when inverted looks like a J which stands for the birth of Jesus on Christmas! The white and the red represents and reminds us that life is not full of white patches and that even something as sweet as candy has a life filled with reds (hardship) and white (peace).

Roopa Chander

7. Because to represent the 'J' for Jesus and the red color represents Christ's pure blood and white is a symbol of peace and good! The color and peppermint flavor might be added to offer it to children during Christmas as it symbolizes Jesus and also is sweet which every child loves.

Priyanka Talreja

6. Santa’s dress has only two colors. One is red and other is white. So, Santa wants his candy to have same red and white colors. The red stripes indicate the sin committed and the white stripes indicate sin which is purified by Lord Jesus. Santa crafted the candy in shape of letter ‘J’ so that he can comfortably hold the candy and eat it slowly.

Sri Ram

5. Because the candy shop owner’s father was a crippled barber and he wanted to make something to honor his memory. When they found his body, the claw marks from the wolf attack left bloody red slashes on his clean barber’s apron and as he was missing a leg from the attack which would have made him crippled if he had survived so this needed a cane.

Nithin Karna

4. A candy cane according to me symbolizes a gesture or an equipment of help; the color red signifies by giving an aid to a person and white by help giving them peace, a cane is a device which is usually used by people who have difficulty in walking. I interpret it as in Christmas by decorating your house or giving a candy cane to someone, you are willing to help others whenever they need you.

Anvi Modi

3. Because it signifies love and peace respectively for the red and white stripes! Christmas signifies baby Jesus' birth and the joy that came with that occasion!. He spread love and peace! In the joy of his birth as a celebration, candies were distributed. The shape signifies that it's a support for his people! Jesus will support his people and give and spread love and peace to his children! That's the reason the candy is in red and white stripes and is in the shape of a candy!

Mitra Thakkar

2. Because Mrs. Santa Clause was one day riding Santa's sleigh pulled by the seven reindeer. Suddenly one of the reindeer lost control of its gallop through the sky and tumbled downward pulling the other six behind him. Mrs. Clause tumbled out of the sleigh onto the hard ice of the North Pole and twisted her ankle. She was in a lot of pain and even though Christmas was around the corner, she couldn't help with the wrapping of the gifts or anything. The reindeer were all very sad and Rudolph, their leader approached Santa with a request. They asked him to help them cheer up Mrs. Santa Clause. Santa made a cane out of candy for Mrs. Clause that was sturdy and useful as it was made of hard candy. He asked each of the reindeer to give the cane a mighty lick and as they did so, the imprint of their tongues which was half red and half white, appeared around the candy stick giving it a personal touch. The candy cane was now covered in a pretty red and white striped design and Mrs. Clause was so thrilled to receive it. With the help of the candy cane she could hobble around the house and help with the arrangements for Christmas. On Christmas all of the seven reindeer got a bite out of the candy cane to celebrate the healing of Mrs. Clause's ankle. Everyone had a Merry Christmas and the candy cane came into existence with its shiny red and white stripes!

Sagnika Chanda


There was this elderly man who owned a candy factory and loved his grandchildren so dearly that he wanted them to know about his love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Since they were children, he had to think of a way to present the Gospel to them. What better way than create candy in the shape of a cane he thought to himself. Later he decided to put red & white stripes on it with 3 tiny little stripes going through it. Now when his grandchildren came for candy, he had a way to also present the Gospel. He would tell them the shape of the candy was in the shape of a cane to represent the letter “J” to stand for Jesus and when it is turned upside down to represent a Shepherd’s staff to take care of us His sheep for Jesus is the Good Shepherd. The red stripes on the candy represent the wounded stripes of Jesus when he was bruised and beaten to rescue us and the blood that Jesus shed on the cross at Calvary to wipe away all our sins while the white stripes represent the purity of Christ cleansing us of our sins when we are covered with the cleansing blood of Jesus. The 3 tiny stripes represent the Trinity: God, the Father; God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. With just a candy cane the Gospel was presented to the children at Christmas time celebrating the birth of Jesus. Every time they ate a candy cane they could be reminded of what they mean to Jesus and how much he loves them. Amen!

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