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BEST OF 2001-2002 

BEST OF 2002-2003


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Top 25 reasons of 2002 given by students eating at the C-side Marketplace for the origins of the candy cane!

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PS NCAA Tournament


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Top 25 reasons compiled for the origins of the candy cane out of 65 reasons given by students from 2001-2003!

Why do you think the original candy cane was made red & white and was in the shape of a candy cane?

To match Santa’s clothing. It was in the shape of a cane so it would be easy to hold and hang from Christmas Trees.

 (Kimberly Faust)

It is supposed to represent the North Pole’s sign that is similar to what looks like a Barber shop sign.
(Kate Marchewka)

Red and white stripes are bright and make you happy and Christmas is a time to be happy!
(Chad White)

Because a barber wanted to give his customers a treat, so he made it the same colors as the pole on the outside of his barber shop.
(Steve Zuchelli)

Red and white were probably the cheapest colors and the cane was probably the easiest for kids to hold.
(Erin DiNorscia)

The Red Cross invented candy canes to cheer up old people with canes.
(Justin Kadtke)

For the deers to eat & it was shaped that way to stick in the ground.
(Katie McSloy)

Because the actual “pole” at the North Pole is red & white and it’s a cane to help Santa Claus to walk because he’s quite fat.
(Rob Scully & Alex Chiaro)

The maker wanted to promote his new cane company in the US, but unfortunately, he ran out of the blue dye to make them more American.
(Kenneth Roberts)

Red & white for peace and love, cane shaped because half a heart..
(Melanie Wolfe)

It’s in the cane shape because if you put 2 together it forms a heart. It’s red & white to represent love.

(Crystal Wunderly)

Red on white makes it stand out and the shape of a cane adds a twist to a straight rod.
(Rebecca Rogan)

Red & white because Santa is red and snow is white, cane shaped because the machine messed up making the candy.

Santa Clause invented them and he made them red and white because those are his favorite colors and they are in the shape of a hook so that he could attach it to his beard while he is driving the sleigh.
(Megan Kuser)

Red and white for Santa Claus outfit! It is in the shape of a cane to pull someone off of a stage when they are terrible in a Christmas play.
(Rachel Muzika)

When Santa touches them they get red striped; they are cane shaped to go on reindeer’s antlers.
(Liz Potts)

It was because of Santa Claus. He has canes in front of His house. I was there. We had tea!
(Daniel Ra)

Santa’s clothes are red & white and since he’s so old he needed a fashionably unique cane, so we made edible duplicates.
(Becky Bovaird)

Santa was looking at a “Where’s Waldo Book” and wanted his candy to be found as easily as Waldo so he made it striped.”
(Emily & Briane)

Red stands for blood when the man fell down; White is the Light he saw when he died, and it’s a cane because he is old.

(Ayalia Rom)

Back in the Stone Age they had very little candy so they would eat bloody Sabretooth rib bones; in the 1600’s they replaced the blood with peppermint stripes and in the 1700’s they replaced the bones with candy which led to the extinction of the Sabretooth Tiger.
(Dean Owens)

The red & white symbolize the two sides of the Cold War: The Soviets (Red) and the U.S. (White). The intertwining of these 2 colors symbolizes the constant struggle for world control and race for military superiority. The shape of the cane symbolizes a “crutch” that the world needed while 2 superpowers grew stronger. As the tension grew the more disarray the world seemed to be in. The candy cane is a strong Cold War statement.
(Nathan Fernando)

To commemorate a war that happened in the winter.
White = Snow,
Red = Blood,
Cane Shaped = For the injured in the war who had to use canes
(Jamie Harclerode & Ashley Garcasz)

Red is for the love that exists at this time.
Hearts are red.
White is for the beauty of the snow.
Cane is so people do not slip on ice!
(Lauren Dmitsak & Kristen Rosati)

The answers given by multiple students sounded very similar to the number 1 answer which is the true story behind the candy cane and its maker so I bunched them together which will be followed by the true story! They are not in any particular order!

It is red and white for the stripes Christ bore on the cross; the cane upside down is the hook to draw men unto Christ.
(James Apgar)

White for the purity of the Virgin Mary, red for the blood of Jesus dying on the cross. It is curved for the staff of the Shepherd.
(Jess Neuhart, Michelle McCauley, and Jen Joseph)


Well, it’s shaped like a cane because Jesus was our Shepherd and He carried a staff and the color of white is for the purity of his birth and red for the blood He shed for us.
(Jessica Dover)


There’s some relation to Christianity, J for Jesus, red for the blood and white for purity.
(Catherine McDermott & Laura Friole)

Red and white is for the peace and good will of man & the blood on the cross. The cane is to hang for all to see.
(Michael Bata)

White is for purification and cleansing and red is for the blood of Christ, and cane shape is for Shepherd’s staff.
(Kyla Wallace & Edna Termilus)

Red is for Jesus’ blood, and white because he died for our sins and is holy. Cane is representative of the staff of the Shepherd.
(Bonnie Cox)

I would imagine the cane is symbolic of a Shepherd's staff and the colors are for purity and Christ's blood.
(Jackie H)


I would guess something like the red represents blood possibly and the cane is shaped as a Shepherds cane and the white represents purity!
(Jennifer Koch)

Red & White because back then there was no green dye to make the proper Christmas colors. It is in the shape of a cane to symbolize Jesus and Him being a Shepherd. The cane is like a Shepherd’s cane.
(Kevin Leary & Greg Koteen)

Shepherds cane and three stripes for Trinity.
(Kendra Rideout)

It was originally designed as a staff when turned upside for the Good Shepherd. The red stripes are for the blood of Christ shed. The white stripes are for purity of Christ!
(Adrianne Gunter & Jen Friedel)

For a Shepherd’s staff! Red is for blood spilled and for white is for the purity of God!
(Crystal Lotier & Eric Dutchess)

Candy cane was shaped as a shepherd’s staff which symbolizes Jesus Christ. The red stripes represent His blood when He died on the cross. The white stripes symbolize the purity of Jesus. It became a Christmas symbol ‘cuz  it reminds everyone of Jesus who was born that day and saved us.
(Doreen Santos)


There was this elderly man who owned a candy factory and loved his grandchildren so dearly that he wanted them to know about his love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Since they were children, he had to think of a way to present the Gospel to them. What better way than create candy in the shape of a cane he thought to himself. Later he decided to put red & white stripes on it with 3 tiny little stripes going through it. Now when his grandchildren came for candy, he had a way to also present the Gospel. He would tell them the shape of the candy was in the shape of a cane to represent the letter “J” to stand for Jesus and when it is turned upside down to represent a Shepherd’s staff to take care of us His sheep for Jesus is the Good Shepherd. The red stripes on the candy represent the wounded stripes of Jesus when he was bruised and beaten to rescue us and the blood that Jesus shed on the cross at Calvary to wipe away all our sins while the white stripes represent the purity of Christ cleansing us of our sins when we are covered with the cleansing blood of Jesus. The 3 tiny stripes represent the Trinity: God, the Father; God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. With just a candy cane the Gospel was presented to the children at Christmas time celebrating the birth of Jesus. Every time they ate a candy cane they could be reminded of what they mean to Jesus and how much he loves them. Amen!

(True story answer!)

Photo and compilation by Ramesh C. Reddy, Editor-in-Chief

Compiled by Ramesh C. Reddy

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