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In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it is:


February 2002



Athletes train their mind at AIA


Editorial: The month of February offers so many things.

Nicknames continue for me!

Learn a little bit about the K-dog

Inventions of Black America rock

Bensylvania by Ben Goldblatt


IUP helps aspiring foodservice manager


Class rocks on as always

Identity can be a complicated matter

Who is your ultimate Valentine?


It is a matter of principle and ethics

God and the Baby


Role playing addresses the seriousness of abortion

Peace through post-abortion syndrome

Planned Parenthood supports UNFPA


Top 14 responses to "A Loving Friend is...."

In celebration of Valentine's Day, the top 50-26 responses to 'Love is....'

In celebration of Valentine's Day, the top 25-1 responses to 'Love is....'

My kiss of a lifetime hopes to be special


"Books I Like"

Evolution affects human destiny

Darwinian evolution is on trial biology majors


Panthers visit 1974 Basketball

Panthers stun 10th ranked Syracuse

Paralympics give hope

Fans cheer on the Panthers

Players join AIA



The month of February offers so many things.

            It is now February, and this is a month with so much going on. We are proud to celebrate our six month semi-anniversary with this edition. The Olympics are in full swing now, Valentineís Day is coming up and the whole month is dedicated to Black History. It is definitely a great time of year, except for mid-terms coming up at the end of the month.

We at the Pittsburgh Standard have included a little bit of each subject in this monthís paper and it looks like it will be a very enjoyable read.

            After this month we only have two more papers for the semester. This means now is the time to start writing an article for the newspaper or write a letter to the editor.

If you do not do it now, you might never get around to it. So please send us your thoughts and comments right now. You probably will not regret it too much and you will become an instant celebrity for one whole month.

            Speaking of celebrities, we were thinking of doing a celebrity look-alike contest. Our publisher thinks our editor looks like one of those good-looking guys from NíSync, so he will definitely be competing in the contest.

So please e-mail a scanned picture of yourself or a friend of yours and a short paragraph describing why you or your friend looks like a certain celebrity to

Snoopy is our head judge on our board of judges in case you were wondering.

            As long as not too many people send in their photos we will feature them all in our newspaper.

All photos need to be sent in no later than March 15th so get those pictures taken, scanned and sent to us so we can put your faces into our newspaper.

            Starting in March we should have some other surprises coming up for you, our faithful readers. So make sure you get the March issue when it comes out.

As always, we continually ask for your support and your efforts to help make this paper really truly great. Send your comments, questions, suggestions, etc. to our Editor-in-Chief and all your news or impressions articles to the respective editors. By the way, our new Impressions Editor Randolph Romero can be reached at So please feel free to contact him.

            We are also happy to welcome Jon Sobolewski as our Sports Editor. He can be reached at

            So please feel free to contact him.

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Nicknames continue for me

Ramesh C. Reddy

Managing Editor

Last year, I wrote two articles regarding my nicknames given to me by family and friends.

For Valentine's Day, I figured I will share with you nicknames I received regarding love of people, service, and things.

Flavor-Name given to me by couple of Schenley employees because every time students wanted juice, I asked them, "What Flavor?"

Swipe master & Swiper king - Name given to me by students who came to C-side because I love to get students through the line before they could count to five.

Goldfish man - Name given to me by an employee because I love to eat goldfish. They taste really good even though they are eaten raw. Don't freak out that I will eat your pet goldfish because I am talking about Peperidge Farm goldfish with different flavors. he he :)

True Fan - Name given to me by a fan at the women's basketball game because I came to show my school spirit by shaving my head and having it colored blue & gold for the game including coloring my face.

Ladies man - Name given to me by my friends because they feel like I know most of the ladies on this campus by name and interact with them in a loving friendship way. I am not comfortable with that title because I feel it gives a negative connotation.

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Learn a little bit about the Kdog

Kensley O. Lewis

Layout Editor

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kensley O. Lewis, and I would like to take a minute out to tell you about myself.

Well the first thing I should clear up is the whole name thing. I have only one name, Kensley, but for some reason people keep on labeling me as though as I was a thumbtack board with letters all over it! Names like, the Flava, cowboy, Kdog, doggie, and even sexual chocolate! I seriously wish I knew why, but that is ok, Iím enjoying the library collection. As far as exercise goes, I LOVE to eat, go running and play basketball. I love to get right to business in schooling some Pitt thugs at the golden-rim courts of Trees Hall. Basketball intramurals this semester are going to be spectacular, not only because of the live Cameras for Kdog-Television, but there are going be some top-notch players all over the place! Letís just hope my squad(s) makes it to the finals.

On a more professional level, I love to read and design web pages. As a Studio Arts undergrad, I spend most of my days working on graphic designs for a class called Digital Imaging (under the Studio Arts Department) and for my own web site as well. You can visit me at

Iím looking forward to going to graduate school at (CCAC) in California so I can attain a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) degree. I believe that graphic designing plays a large role in shaping the economy, expanding creativity and in spreading out communication amongst millions of people. One of my favorite things within graphic designing is textured layering effects with radiant colors to offer energy and emotional responses. I have several examples of this on my personal website, that are located in my "Photo Album" section.

Writing and laying out the pages for the Pittsburgh Standard has been a very exciting experience. Although we are a monthly paper, I personally think that my squad of seven kicks some serious booty for being continuous, professional and exciting within the wonderful pages of this paper. I also believe that itís a good thing to talk about the positive aspects within our (college students) lives and should emphasize them. Granted, a majority of the students on campus love to drink, go party 24-7 and even smoke (The Famous Ash Tray). But donít assume that this is the road to happiness. Thereís a lot of negativity and regrets that can come out of being with the wrong crowd. Itís tough enough working, going to class and being a part of an on-campus organization, all at the same time. People usually give in half way through the year because of massive pressure build up. But just take a moment to reflect on what you currently have; the choices you can make that will benefit you or even a close friendÖhard work may come and tear us down, but the grace of God whispers in our ears and saysÖ "No regrets." Peace out dogs and dawgets!

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