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“Super30's Sentimental Values Victorious!”

Ramesh C. Reddy


Phantom Films(2019)

Drama, Biography

Language: Hindi, India

Duration: 150 mins

Rating: PG

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

My beloved daddy, who is with the Lord Jesus, was a brilliant Mathematician and professor whose work has been published in different math journals. He loved to see his students excel and pass their courses. When he was grading his students work, he would see how he could help them to pass. If they were short of a point to pass, he gave it to them. It was his joy to see the students he taught excel in life with wonderful jobs. One of my friends told me that he was surprised to see my picture on the wall at Haifa University in Jerusalem some years ago. I told him it was not me but was my dad's picture for he traveled around the world teaching! It is because of his interest in math, my older brother got his degree in Math and I got a minor in math being blessed to have our daddy teach us math.

 The sentimental touching movie 'Super 30' is a true story that reminded me of my daddy and how much he loved his students and wanted them to excel.

Plot Synopsis:

In 'Super 30', Anand Kumar (played by Hrithik Roshan) gives an Academy Award performance as a brilliant teacher who teaches the poorest of the poor for free so they could get into India's Institute of Technology (IIT), which are top universities in India.

'Super 30' takes us into the life of Kumar and his family showing us what he lost. In his despair, he decides to work for a rich person until he realizes the poor will always suffer without a hero for them.  So, he sells whatever he has to teach math to 30 of the poorest students from across India in the hopes they could get into IIT, even though he was offered thousands of dollars to teach the rich.

Plot Review:

What a touching story that reminded me of what a difference even one caring person can make in the lives of multitudes. Through suffering and almost death, Kumar sacrificially lives his life for his students.

 It reminds me of Jesus' words when He said, 'When you take care of the least of these, you are taking care of me'

Content Review:

'Super 30' addresses issues such as poverty, rich suppressing the poor, love for family, love for the poor, sacrificial living, teaching, greed of money vs love for all people, violence, not giving up, and the difference hard work makes through the trials and tribulations. 

Questions to Ponder:

What character do you most identify with and why?

What touched you the most in Super 30 and why?

What made you so upset in Super 30 and why?

In what ways did Super 30 motivate you personally to impact other people's lives?

What did Kumar's sacrifice accomplish and how is it similar or different from a sacrifice made for you?

What parental sacrifices do we see in Super 30 and how is it similar or different in the sacrifices made for you by your parents?

What are the things we see a loving and motivational teacher can accomplish in the lives of their students?

In what ways do the rich oppress the people in Super 30 and what can we do so the poor around us don't feel oppressed by the rich?

How do we see Kumar honoring his parents and what ways can you honor your parents?

What is the relationship we see between Kumar & his Daddy, Kumar & his siblings? What can we learn from their relationships for our own lives?

What are the Biblical principles of living we see throughout the movie?

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