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"Unequivocally United States Stuns Soccer World With Triumphant Tie!"

By Ramesh C. Reddy

On the afternoon of Sat, June 12, 10, hundreds of spectators gathered at the World Cup 2010: Pittsburgh Style event in the Vietnam Veterans Pavilion were shocked to see their beloved U.S. trail England by 1 point in an uncharacteristic goal.

As the English fans celebrated, there was a sense of disbelief from the U.S. fans. However, with resilience the U.S. fought back to tie the game before half time making the die hard fans cheer on top of a table.

In the second half both teams had multiple opportunities to take the lead and win the game but instead the game ended in a tie. The tie was a disappointment to England because they were the favorites to beat the U.S. To the U.S., the tie was a triumphant accomplishment against England.

What you will see in a few minutes is a musical slideshow from the World Cup 2010: Pittsburgh Style event sponsored by Dynamo Soccer and the City of Pittsburgh. Click right mouse button for replay.

Photogallery from World Cup 2010 Pittsburgh Style Event (June 13, 10, 6:10 a.m.)

Downloadable version of the musical slideshow (June 13, 10, 7:25 a.m.)

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