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Homosexual activity is sinful in God's eyes

Dave Auger
Pittsburgh Standard

I was sitting in a class, when the teacher asked me what I thought about homosexuals.  I answered honestly that I thought it was a big problem. You can imagine what happened next.  A girl sitting behind me bellowed, “that is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard!” 

 The teaching assistant had the nerve to ask me if I’m “homophobic.”  Excuse me?  The only “homo” that I consider to be is “homosapien”.  I refuse to be called homophobic, suggesting that some confused personality with messed up sexual preferences is my fault.  No way.  I will not accept that.  I adamantly defended myself in class, but I feel compelled to publicly articulate my views now.  Homosexuality is wrong.  Touché. 

Homosexuals are accepted now more than ever before.  Being gay is like a trend or a fashion or a style on the rise.  I ask, “why?” and the moment I oppose the gay lifestyle, people want to jump on me.  Am I not allowed to voice my opinion?

Last year, a handful of students remained silent to support homosexuality.  What a silly demonstration!  I didn’t miss their voice in class.  I’m sure most people did not.  Nevertheless, they were expressing themselves, and the opinions they stand for.  So let me do the same.         

I’m not trying to be a gay basher.  But if someone asks me about that lifestyle, I’m going to give an honest opinion.  I’m not going to succumb to the pressure of being politically correct.  I’m pro-heterosexual!   

As long as people continually force me to accept homosexuality, I will oppose them obdurately.  I will not compromise my beliefs.  I stand too firmly on solid ground.

 First of all, in Romans 1:18-32, Paul clearly instructs the Romans that homosexuals will suffer the “wrath of God”.  Many of you may not have the Bible so let me tell you how verse 32 reads.  Paul writes, “Although they (homosexuals) know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things (homosexual acts) deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them”(NIV).

It cannot get any clearer than that.  Yes, we must love all people, that would obviously include homosexuals, but we shall not “approve” of what they do.  Stand firm with me.

Secondly, homosexuality is unnatural.  If you do not agree with Christianity, then you’ll most likely agree with this biological perspective: Homosexuals do not properly ‘fit’ together.  The body’s anatomy has specific purposes, but homosexuals use them inappropriately.  The human body is a very organized structure.  Please, keep things where they belong.

The girl in my class used the word “disgusting.”  What a gauche statement, but ok, I’ll work with it.  Let’s think rationally about this.  Placing objects in foreign places and listening to gays talk about their “experiences” epitomize “the most disgusting things that I’ve ever heard!”   

In earnest love, I hope that all homosexuals repent and turn from their sin, and then accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.   Let my opinion stand this one time, because I’ve heard your opinion over and over again. 


Express Your View

Volume I, Issue III