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November 2001


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War is necessary for justice

Lucas Blackwood
Pittsburgh Standard

On September 11, 2001 we were delivered an ultimatum that we cannot ignore.  This nightmare has haunted us, and the world since the era of Reagan.  Now it is no longer just an issue of political theology, it is no longer the conflict of ideologies and our inability to accept each other’s beliefs. It has come to be a volatile situation where a group of individuals deliberately struck out in violence, to strike terror in the hearts of individuals, and kill innocent people.  Innocent blood has been spilt in the name of a cause, much like the “Holy Crusades.”

 I have heard the debates about going to war with Afghanistan and why we should and why we should not go to war. Some of arguments have been that we do not know really with whom we are fighting, two wrongs will not make a right, we will be no better than them, and we will be killing innocent people. 

 Reality check here, war is not pretty and while Afghanistan was not responsible for the acts of terror, they are harboring those who are responsible and will continue to wage their war across the world. These terrorists bombed the Twin Towers and the pentagon. They should be held accountable and be brought to justice.

 As to my position for going to war, we have been dealing with the problem of we must go to war, but this is not only our war, it is the world’s because terrorism is the world’s problem.  It is not exclusive to one nation or one people.  It is a general vermin that comes to haunt every nation and every people.  We as a people, as a people of world, not just the U.S., but France, England and every groups of people. 

 America has played the “World police” long enough.  It is time other nations in solid resolution come together, and exterminate such groups as Osama Bin Ladan, and his followers.  America will be on the forefront of this struggle, but nations of the world should have zero tolerance for such organizations of individuals who seek the use of terrorist tactics. But if we, America do not act, these attacks shall continue, and progress further.  In the American Revolution, we set the model for France, and other nations who longed and fought for their independence.  Here in this hour we have to set the example once more, but we have encourage our fellow nations not to look to us, rather we must encourage them to join us.

 We must act, because they have given us no other choice.  I am sure that there are always two sides to a coin, and our government surely is not innocent of violations. I do think we have brought this on ourselves, because we have allowed ourselves to become the “World police,” yet until now we have not truly acted or taken a stand on the issue of terrorism. Still, the attack of September 11th was a deliberate act of war.  In politics, foreign affairs and matters of diplomacy issues can become rather cumbersome and untidy, to say the least.

 However, I must stress the point although I am not educated in all the dealings that our government has had in the past, I know the bombing of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon to be an act of an aggressor who seeks to destroy us, and our way of life. The recent reports of Anthrax being used as a biological weapon supports our need to act and to act swiftly, for if we do not act now … then when? 

 I do not endorse an act of war, out of rage, or hatred or discrimination, rather it is out of the need to act, to inhibit, to prevent any other terroristic attacks that may be attempted. My hope is that such terroristic states, whether they come to abide within the statehood of a country or nation, or if they would be a collective of individuals and organization that has no affiliation other than each other, they should be terminated with extreme prejudice, and by whatever means necessary. The world has had its share of terrorism, and I think it is time that we purge this disease from our world. Let everyone in every nation know that we, as a people of this world, will not tolerate such actions.

 I have also heard that we should just make the Middle East into a parking lot.  I do not agree with that consensus either.  I have heard people enraged about the attack and I do not blame them. But, when I hear people looking for vengeance rather than justice as they look to kill those they call with the slur towel heads then that is wrong and Un-American. 

 We as a nation and as a people have been wronged, and swift justice is called for, however that does not give us the right to hate people simply because of the belief system that they follow or because of their race.  In World War II, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we forced Japanese people into holding facilities that can be equated to concentration camps.  We must learn from out past, and remember not to repeat that history.

 In all that is happening, we cannot forget what makes America America. It is our freedom that we must stand up for; to be who we want to be, to pursue our lives’ desires, to enjoy our God given right, and according to the Declaration of Independence, to have “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


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Volume I, Issue III