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Bodies should be used as temples for souls

Ramesh C. Reddy
Managing Editor

 Throughout campus, I saw events supporting National Coming Out Week. To put it bluntly, it is a 60’s way of saying, “Free Love” or should I say “Loose Love”. There has been a hedonistic philosophy that promotes, “whatever feels good and gives you pleasure, you should go after it.”

 There are those that insist that it is wrong to suppress and repress your sexual desires for anyone if there is mutual consent, whether they are homosexual or heterosexual. Many go as far as providing contraceptives thinking if they are going to do it, they may as well do it safe.

 I went to one of the National Coming Out Week’s panel discussion. I was amazed how open the panelists were about their sexual life. They are not the only ones but many heterosexuals are open too about their life. It was saddening to hear people’s responses.

 The language you can hear on the streets from people when you are walking can be shocking too. Phrases such as ‘so excited that I got laid’ or ‘I got to score last night’ just make my stomach turn.

 It is not that I have anything against sex. Sex is meant as a good thing but any good thing used in a wrong way can get corrupted and distorted. Before I go on, I am all for sex in the context of a male-female marriage.

 However that is not the mentality that has been taught. Sadly many parents or schools do not exhort people to remain abstinent until marriage but have the mentality that they should be safe than sorry since they cannot control their hormonal urges. It really comes down to that.

 For a sexual act to take place, you have to go through many steps. Yet, the step preceding the following step is always a safeguard and a way out. If you don’t want to have a way out against temptation than you could engage yourself in sexual intercourse and feel yucky later.

 I can tell you from my experience of working with different students who have been on that path that it is not as glamorous as Hollywood makes it out to be. If love is getting into bed with someone than that is pretty sad. My philosophy has always been if a person loves someone than that love has to be strong enough for him/her to be able to wait until marriage for sex.

 Yes, people can have all kinds of temptations and sexual temptations are not exempt from being a temptation. Being tempted to have sex before marriage, to have a same-sex partner is not wrong because temptations do come. The question becomes what is done with the temptation that is there. If you are struggling to overcome a particular temptation whatever it may be, the easiest solution can be to given in. But, giving in to a temptation is where lies the danger.

 Work with me here as I become graphic to illustrate the point. You go to your date’s house. He or she invites you to the bedroom. Sirens should sound in your head right than but if you go, it’s not too late. Next you start kissing each other (don’t agree with kissing too until wedding day) and sparks fly for you. You still can leave because the safeguard is your clothes on and making a conscience effort not to touch each other’s body intimately. Once you go beyond that stage to take of your clothes, you have entered the hormonal pull zone. It would be that much more hard to get away.  It’s not always about temporary pleasure but long-term benefits.

 Yes, support groups will let you know that it is ok the way you are feeling and that you should not suppress it. I agree that you should not suppress those feelings but deal with them. One way to deal with them is confiding in a confidential friend or counselor to help you. I would never rule out prayer to the Lord no matter how many times a person feels, they are not being answered.          

 The last thing people want to hear is others telling them how to handle their sex life. There are those who would make you think that you own your body and can do with it whatever you want. They will also make you think there is nothing wrong with premarital sex and even same-sex as long as it is safe sex.

 Is this acceptable behavior, though? Here are some excuses people give for wanton sex: being an unmarried heterosexual couple, living together and having sex should not be any different from being married, living together, and having sex.

 The important thing is that we love each other, and sex is one way of consummating that love.

 If someone entices another person to have sex with him or her by saying, “I thought you loved me, and if you do, prove it to me by making love to me,” that person is using the other person just for his or her body and does not really love the person for who he or she really is. If they really love each other, they can wait to get married and enjoy a monogamous sexual relationship as man & woman for the rest of their lives.

 Your body is a treasure that should be guarded carefully. Many may come wanting to have that treasure. They could be pirates after your body. They could also be someone who claims to love you. Tell them that if they really want you, the whole you, they can wait until marriage. If they don’t want to marry you, they are not the right person for you.

 There are those who have no intention of getting married because they   cannot make a commitment to one person. There are others who think that sex is a game used to show friends they have won the peer-pressure dare. Sex has become a bet to them, not something that was given as a blessing to men and women as they become united in one and replenish the earth. What God has joined, let no one separate!

 ‘Let no one separate’ includes adulterers, fornicators, and those who practice homosexuality. For me homosexuality is as wrong as adultery, fornication, and so on.  

 This brings me to another point: None of you own your own bodies. This    goes to both men and women alike. Yeah, you heard me, that’s right! If you own your own body, you can do whatever you want with it and should not have to face any consequences.

 But you don’t own your own body because when you attempt suicide and   fail, those who are aware of it can send you to an institution for help. They don’t stand there and say, “Poor human, he failed. Let him try again. It is his own body.”     

 Attempted suicide is considered a crime against the self and is prone to maximum sentencing in a hospital ward until full recovery. If you owned your own body, there would be no reason for those measures.

 What makes you think that you have the right to use your body to have   sex with anyone you choose in a promiscuous way? The guidelines have already been set for you. You do not have an option to choose from; you can only follow set guidelines. If you deviate from those guidelines, the consequences can   include unexpected pregnancies, AIDS, venereal diseases, etc.

 Your creator has set the guidelines whether you acknowledge him or not! You are too intelligent to have come from a blob or an ape as some want you to believe. Every creator has an instruction manual for the effective operation of his creation. It so happens that we are God’s creation, and his instruction manual for our effective operation in life is called the Bible.

 I have not found any writings that people consider to be holy and sacred for them endorse sexual sin whether it is same-sex, adultery, fornication, etc.

 So if you want to say that you do not believe in the Bible, those guidelines do not apply to me, please rethink again.

 I believe the Bible is the Holy Word of God. I also believe so strongly that whatever guidelines are set in the Bible are for our long-term benefit and help. Yes, in the process we could go through a lot of pain and agony but in the end it would be worth it.

 Do you know what sexual promiscuity has caused throughout the land? It has caused divorces, venereal diseases, abortion, and even murder. Imagine a world without sexual promiscuity. A lot of things would change for the better but we still won’t be perfect. Yet, it is a start. This does not mean that those things mentioned will never happen. If they do, it won’t be because of sex that has been distorted.

 The Bible says “no” to sexual immorality. If you think the Bible was   written by man alone and is not inspired by God, think again! Man is too    lustful and craves after the desires of his own flesh, which includes sex, more sex, and even more sex, to condemn engaging in sexual immorality. Just because we see characters engaging in sexual intercourse does not mean God has given his approval of it.

 “For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile, and their foolish hearts were darkened ... Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another” (Romans 1:21, 24).

 I believe the time has come for us to see sex as a blessing from the   Lord, to be engaged in during marriage between husband and wife. Change can only come in people’s lives if they start practicing these principles. What a change it would be if everyone abided with those principles. I still love every person who engages in sexual immorality, but it is the act that I disagree with and so does God.


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Volume I, Issue III