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November 2001


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Pitt's dance team shakes their way into the spotlight



Pitt's dance team shakes their way into the spotlight

Kristin J. Szarell
Pittsburgh Standard

Commitment, Teamwork, and Pride are not just characteristics of the University of Pittsburgh football team.  Those three words describe each student at Pitt, especially the members of the Pitt Dance Team.

 The dance team is often hard to identify.  Let me help with that.  The 2001 dance team is a close-knit cluster of 18 female students of Pitt who enjoy performing for anyone.  Headed by Theresa Nuzzo, we the dance team, are a spirit support group for the University of Pittsburgh.  Most commonly, we are seen at the football and basketball games along with some wrestling matches as well as other sporting events, wearing navy skirts and halter tops trimmed in gold and rhinestones. 

Provided by Kristen J. Szarell

 Before the season ends for Pitt football, come check out the exquisite Heinz Field where emotion will run over you like you have never experienced.  This experience in particular is one of my favorites.  Being down on the field beside sweaty, massive, and intimidating men is not as gross and scary as it sounds.  As the band plays, the sound system rocks, and the jumbo-tron amazes your eyes, a rush of adrenaline scurries through your skin like one of those squirrels collecting its winter meals in Oakland. 

 Not only do we perform for the university, we often make special appearances for the Steelers, Heinz, and many other volunteer organizations in Pittsburgh.  These experiences by far beat out the others.  Working with children is the best!  Most recently, the team attended a Saturday fun day for the Genesis Adoption Agency on the North Side.  There, we spent the day not only dancing for the kids, but painting, jumping, and laughing with them. 

 If you ever feel a need to be motivated, attend a function that the Pitt Dance Team is performing.  For you will not only see a group of fit and energetic girls, you will see the future: girls wanting to make a difference all starting by being attentive and active students at the University of Pittsburgh.


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