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November 2002


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Race causes tension

Rogette Harris
Pittsburgh Standard

It has always been human nature to solve conflicts with some type of force.  The September 11 attacks were as much of a surprise and devastating to me as to the next person.  But until now, I never really thought about whether I was for war or for peace.  Writing this has given me a chance to think about it as well as the drift in the University of Pittsburgh Democrats. I have realized that it is peace this world needs and not war.

Imagine being committed to an organization, and wanting to help anyway you can. A year later you decide to run for an office so you can have more responsibility to make the organization better for the future. You lose your election, but you raise your head high, walk away and still stay involved in the organization. When the next school year begins, another opportunity to be an officer for the organization arises. You are interviewed for the position, and later find out you got it. 

At the next meeting, instead of being congratulated, you are instead put-down and told that the only reason you got the position was because you are Black, and not because of your qualifications. This is the real reason; the Pitt Democrats are split, not because some of us are more liberal than others, but because some individuals will use anything, including a person’s race to get what they want.

These cowardly actions that I just spoke of do not come close to what happened that fatal day back in September, but it still shows how some individual’s behaviors can further divide people. It is in these instances of dissension and division that terrorism is able to find some fertile ground to grow in. 

Violent delights have violent ends, a line from one of Shakespeare’s plays says a lot.  The terrorists attacks reminded me of the depth to which we can sink in our inhumanity towards one another, just like the individuals who left the Pitt Democrats, to start the “New Pitt Democrats.” 

The people who left and the ones who still remain who were involved in the situation remind me of the prejudice that is still deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Instead of respecting and accepting leaders of all races, some people would rather just start their own organization.

Almost the entire world responded with utter revulsion to the nerveless acts that cruelly and horrendously took the lives of so many innocent people.  I hope the world channels those same negative feelings towards individuals who still use race as a tool to bring down other people. 

I can only speak for myself, and unlike I was accused, I did not choose the person who won because he is Black, even though I am Black myself.  I chose him because of his qualifications, and the conduct of some makes me even more secure in my decision. I am not upset about certain members leaving. I have enough confidence that the Pitt community as a whole will not tolerate racial injustice, just like all races alike came together last year for the racial profiling campaign. It is not about race anymore, but about being humane towards each other. I hope I live to see the day when Black leadership is taken seriously and respected.

Statistics show that the majority of Blacks vote democratic, so if democrats can take our votes, why can’t we hold leadership positions as well? 

In pursuing to eliminate terrorism and racism, we must address the root causes of problems around the world, instead of just throwing violence back and forth. If out of the tragic events of September 11 the world can come together and find solutions to the problems that threaten the safety, security and well being of us all, the highest tribute would have been paid to those who lost their lives.

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C-side "swiper" responds to many nicknames

Ramesh C. Reddy
Managing Editor

Let me introduce myself to you all since you arrived at this 11th page. I am Ramesh C. Reddy, the managing editor of this wonderful paper.

 If I have not approached you yet, feel free to find me. I go by many names, one as Ramesh  C. Reddy, given to me by my parents.

 Indian fella with Da Bible – A student who did not know my name addressed me that way.

 Speedy, Speedy Gonzales, C-side guy, Fast Guy, Mad Swiper, & Fastest Swiper in the East- Given  by students at the C-side Marketplace for my efficient service to them.

Swiper- Students cheered me on by shouting ‘swiper, swiper’ while I participated in a pie eating contest.

Reverend Roaming Ramesh- Name given to me while I was doing campus ministry few years ago.

Meshy- Called by my supervisor’s two-year old son while in campus ministry.

Christian – A name given to me, jokingly,  by a fellow employee who felt lions didn’t eat enough christians, because I’m still here. 

The Wizard- Name given to me at the Pitt football opener when I crushed my opponents in Rummy waiting for the doors to open.

Survey Man- Name given to me by students because I love to survey them and try to get them what they want.

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Volume I, Issue III