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Thankful Heart Always Nurtures Kindly Souls, Giving Immanuel's Victorious Inspiration Now Graciously! (T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G)

Ramesh C. Reddy

"Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his loving-kindness continues forever. Give thanks to the God of gods, for his loving-kindness continues forever. 

 Give thanks to the Lord of lords, for his loving-kindness continues forever. Praise him who alone does mighty miracles, for his loving-kindness continues forever. Praise him who made the heavens, for his loving-kindness continues forever. Praise him who planted the water within the earth,for his loving-kindness continues forever. Praise him who made the heavenly lights, for his loving-kindness continues forever: the sun to rule the day, for his loving-kindness continues forever; and the moon and stars at night, for his loving-kindness continues forever.....He remembered our utter weakness, for his loving-kindness continues forever. And saved us from our foes, for his loving-kindness continues forever!" (Psalm 136:1-9, 23-26, TLB)

I asked myself what are the reasons the Psalmist gives thanks to the Lord?
1. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.
Give thanks to the Lord, His loving-kindness continues forever.
Praise Him who alone does mighty miracles.
Praise Him who made the heavens.
Praise Him who planted the water within the earth.
Praise Him who made the heavenly lights.
Praise Him who made the sun to rule the day.
Praise Him who made the moon and stars to rule the night.
Praise Him who remembered our utter weakness.
Praise Him who saved us from our foes.

I asked myself why does the Psalmist reflect on everything the Lord has done?
The Psalmist reflects on everything the Lord has done to give Him all the thanks and praise but more than that to remind himself that everything the Lord has done, it is because of His loving-kindness which continues forever! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!

I asked myself what are the implications for my own life here?
The implications for my own life is to reflect on everything the Lord Jesus has done in my life and pour out my thanksgiving and praise to the Lord for all He has done remembering He has done all this because of His loving-kindness which continues forever. Thank you so much Jesus.

So, I decided to reflect upon what happened this past year to give my thanksgiving and praise to the Lord using the alphabet as a tool! My precious wife Chandraleela decided to do the same after I shared my 26 reasons for thanksgiving. I hope you decide to do the same thing remembering the real meaning behind Thanksgiving.

November 2013:

1.      Application to remove my precious wife Chandraleela’s Conditional Residency Visa status was submitted after you Oh Lord Jesus helped me catalog all of her pictures from the time we got married.

2.  By using Oakland International Fellowship’s hall we were able to provide a Thanksgiving meal for Indian students from overseas on Thanksgiving night with your help Jesus.

December 2013:

3.   Christ, your birth was celebrated as a family at our place with Christmas tree decorations, stockings, presents, but most of all remembering the real meaning of Christmas which is you.

Dawn morning, we were able to celebrate Christmas Day, December 25th worshipping you Lord Jesus at Asian Indian Christian Church of Pittsburgh (AICCP).

January 2014:

5.       Each day for the last week of January when I was sick at home, you Lord Jesus were there with me and healed me completely so I could resume my work.

Faithfully you took care of Esther even though I was so scared regarding Esther so I am so thankful for that Jesus.

February 2014:

7.      Graciously, you provided my loving wife Chandraleela, permanent residency status by helping her receive a green card finally so she could also travel overseas Lord Jesus.

How awesome time you gave my precious loving wife Chandraleela when she was surprised for her birthday during Indian Game Night time Oh Lord.

March 2014:

9.       In New York, Chandraleela and I could personally submit her passport application to get a new passport so we could eventually go to India with your help Lord Jesus.

10.   Jesus, when Chandraleela’s passport had clerical errors and we had not heard from the office, you made sure my wife’s new passport came safely after we sent in the passport with errors.

April 2014:

11.   Keeping the vacation in the summertime so Chandra, Esther, and I could go to India eventually, you made it happen.

May 2014:

12.   Lord, you provided a way so my youngest brother Rohit could find Grace who he and her fell in love with each other.

13.   My visa, my passport, Esther’s visa and passport arrived safely so we all could go to India soon Jesus.

June 2014:

14.   Now we were able to go safely to India without any problems for Esther, Chandra, and I where we were met by my loving-in-laws who saw Esther for the first time while my mommy and youngest brother also travelled to India to see the one he fell in love with for first time with your protection Oh Lord.

Our time there was filled with so much fun for Esther who fell in love with her aunties, uncles: Vidhya, Sunandha, Elisha, Pravalika, Paul, and her loving grandmother.

July 2014:

16.   Playfully Esther had so much fun when she got to visit my uncles and aunts in India with your help Lord Jesus.

Quiet a long time all 3 of us have been able to spend in India after being away for 2 ½ years including our 4 year marriage anniversary there Lord Jesus.

August 2014:

18.   Redeemer, our protection came from you as we were able to come back safely to the U.S. and you healed our precious daughter completely when she was sick here.

Savior, you gave Chandraleela, Esther, and I including Pastor Hugo, Edwin, Marie, Dai Wei, Johannes, and Sung Wan and all other helpers the opportunity to befriend Indian students from overseas and invite them to a bi-monthly game night and dinner with my mommy’s help.

September 2014:

20.  Through hardship, struggles, and sickness you have brought me through and helped us celebrate our daughter Esther’s precious birthday with your help Lord Jesus.

Understanding the need for jobs for many Indian students from overseas, you gave me ample opportunities to hire so many of them for the unit I work at. Thanks so much Jesus!

October 2014:

22.  Victoriously, you Oh Lord Jesus have brought me through another year of life even though it was filled with pain, struggles, sickness, etc, touching me with your grace and mercy.

Wonderfully, you have answered Chandraleela’s prayer for our hopes, dreams, and desires by your grace and mercy.

November 2014:

24.   Xcitedly, you gave me the opportunity to share my story, my loving wife’s story, my precious daughter’s story to more than 36-40 Indian students at game night and dinner.

You brought my brother Raj safely to Pittsburgh to spend with us and took my youngest brother Rohit to India safely while Esther had such an awesome time with her uncle Ravi at Light up Night.

Zealously, you have helped me work with Pittsburgh Standard developing the Cultural Life Section of the paper to make so many Indian students happy who could see their performances.

Chandraleela's A-Z reasons to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for:

Ch  November 2013:

1.       Awesome friends and wonderful Pastor Hugo you have given us Lord Jesus.

December 2013:

2.       Blessed Christmas with family get together with my husband, daughter, mother-in-law, and brother-in-laws Oh Lord.

January 2014:

3.       Christ giving us another wonderful year again.

Day of Lord’s Day thankful for Oakland International Fellowship church we can go every Sunday and worship you Jesus.

February 2014:

5.      Each year of my life getting me through and giving me another birthday, protecting, guiding, and guarding me Lord Jesus.

6.       For every day that I can take a breath which is a gift from you Lord.

March 2014:

7.       God you provided family provision for us.

April 2014:

8.      How thankful I am for Lord’s kindness, love, and mercy though we don’t deserve anything.

9.       I am thankful for the small things in life too and not just for the big things you give Lord Jesus.

May 2014:

10.   Jesus, you gave us opportunity to go to India!

11.   Keeping us planning, getting everything ready to go to India you helped us Lord.

June 2014:

12. Lord, for the India trip to see my wonderful family that I missed for 2 ½ years because of my conditional residency restrictions you took care of.

13.   My sister’s birthday I was able to attend which was a precious time Lord Jesus.

No matter how situations were for us, you were there Lord.

July 2014:

15. Outside or inside spending time with family each and everyday with mom, sisters, brother, nieces, laughing, eating, watching, going outside with brother, going shopping, you helped.

16.  Provided way to go to my dad’s gravesite with my husband, daughter, and family praying there together before having to come back to U.S in August 2014 Oh Lord.

Quiet a memorable time celebrating our marriage anniversary with my family Lord Jesus.

August 2014:

18.  Really painful to come back to the U.S but Lord you gave safe journey back especially regarding Esther’s health and safety.

19.   Savior you intervened and healed Esther while she was restless with severe case of diarrhea instead of it going for weeks.

September 2014:

20.  Totally blessed month because of our daughter Esther’s birthday when she turned two years as you Oh Lord have given her good health, growth, development, talking, and intelligence.

October 2014:

21. Understandably Lord you gave my husband another year of birthday with good health no matter how much he suffered giving him strength.

Victoriously, by your grace and mercy you Oh Lord answered a cry of mine for many months regarding our hopes, desires, and dreams.

November 2014:

23.   Wonderful opportunity you have given us to reach out to Indian students with game night and dinner because you give us strength and ability Lord Jesus.

24.   Xcited to know, no matter how we were, you Lord Jesus were leading us spiritually, physically, emotionally, relationally, and mentally even when thing did not go well for us this month.

25.   You Oh Lord have been protecting us, providing for our needs even when we don’t always have our wants for my husband, daughter, and family.

Zeal for your work motivates us Lord Jesus.

These are only 26 of multiple areas of my life that I am thankful and praise the Lord Jesus for. I am glad to have reflected on what the Lord Jesus has done in my life saving a foreigner like me and that His healing and blessings are not limited to a particular race or ethnicity but Jesus offers Himself to the world to all who would receive Him and come to Him. For He promises, "To all who received Him, He gave them right to become children of God, children born not of natural descent but from the will of God" (John 1:12)

It is in thanksgiving that we recognize that we are nothing on our own and all the things we are blessed with come from Jesus Christ, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

When I give thanks, I am recognizing the One who gave Himself for me with His sacrificial death on the cross coming back to life on the third day to save. When I give thanks, I am figuratively throwing myself at the feet of Jesus to show that I am nothing without Him. He alone is the One who has cleansed me of all my sin and daily transforms my life by His grace. It is His blessings that reveal His unconditional grace. Having an attitude of thanksgiving takes the focus off me and puts the focus on the One who came to change my life around.

I ask you now dear friend, what are A - Z things that you have witnessed that you can give T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G to the Lord for?
Dear friend, the place you give thanksgiving in your life will determine if it is a one day in November thing filled with feasts of food with family and friends or will it be a daily 365 day event filled with the Creator's presence in your life and all the blessings He has showered upon your life. Friend, there is excitement to celebrate thanksgiving with family and friends eating a feast but when we focus on the gift alone instead of the giver then we have missed the true meaning of thanksgiving.
So when we celebrate Thanksgiving with a feast let us be thankful for all that the Lord Jesus has done in our lives. I know it should not just be confined to the last Thursday of November but daily.

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." (1 Thess 5:16-17, NIV)

Jesus wants us to always be thankful and that is His will. Yet, so many times we forget to give thanks and that makes Jesus sad. I don't want to make Jesus sad but remember all that Jesus does for me each day.

What has been awesome for me to do in the past was write down 5 things that I have been thankful for each day not duplicating any response during the week, otherwise it just becomes a routine and I would write the same things each day.

Before the Thanksgiving meal, take time to write 26 things you are thankful to the Lord for this past year using the alphabet A-Z as a guide. Your focus should be on the Lord Jesus for these 26 things. 

The place we give thanksgiving when that place involves the Lord Jesus Christ will make us well spiritually too as Jesus promised the Samaritan: Then he said to him, "Rise and go; your faith has made you well."

When we are thankful and grateful remembering what the Lord has done for us, it is also a reflection of our faith. There is a positive correlation between being thankful and our faith.  How appropriate is this passage on this day of Thanksgiving 2013 so we do not forget the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Thank you Jesus for all you have done in my life. I love you Lord Jesus.

Let us remember what the Pilgrims did when they came on the Mayflower as their hearts were filled with gratitude and thanks for how the Almighty Savior rescued them and brought them through the harsh times in a new land. Thank you Jesus. This is supposedly the origins of Thanksgiving.

I also believe our health and joyfulness in life is tied to thanksgiving! No wonder Jesus says, "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." (1 Thess 5:16-17, NIV)

What is giving of thanksgiving anyway than praying continually to the One who is the Giver of all things daily in our lives. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus.

May you remember this day that Thanksgiving is more than just turkey, stuffing, parades, and football but the essence of Thanksgiving is JESUS CHRIST. Amen!

The purpose of today's devotional is to understand the importance of being thankful for the things the Lord Jesus has done in our lives instead of taking things for granted knowing there is a positive correlation between being thankful and our faith.

"Thankful Heart Always Nurtures Kindly Souls, Giving Immanuel's Victorious Inspiration Now Graciously!" (T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G)/"What are A-Z things you have witnessed that you can give T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G to the Lord  for?"

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for everything that you have blessed our life with. Help me to be specific each day Oh Lord to thank you and count my blessings in this life you have given me. Thank you so much Jesus. Thank you for all that you have done for our families. I love you Lord and need you. Thanks Lord as we celebrate Thanksgiving, it does not have to be a one day event but a daily event for you are the Giver of all Gifts and the Source of life for us. Thank you so much Jesus for this time and being our Lord and Savior to all who turn their lives to thee because you have given an invitation at the cross of Calvary. Thank you for that invitation which is a free gift of your grace. Thank you that you want us to be thankful in all circumstances so please help us Lord. I love you Jesus and need you. Take me as I am and use me for your honor and glory. Help me live for you Jesus. Thanks so much Jesus for dying for my sin to cover me in your precious blood and coming back to life to save me. In Your Name I Pray Jesus!

Lord Jesus, You are my all in all. You are my Prince of Peace, Rock, Savior, and Friend. You are my Holy Father guiding me through to live a life of righteousness, holy righteousness. Oh God, I need you more than ever. I need to feel your hands around me holding me tight. I need your love to surround me so that you can glow in my life. Help me please Jesus. I desire in your presence. Thank you for guiding me to live a life of righteousness. Oh God you love me more than ever. You hear my voice when I cry out to you. When I seek your face, you fill me up. You are my all in all. Thank you Jesus so much for your help no matter what I face, your grace is available and you take my case. Thank you for hearing us and answering us. In Your Name I Pray Jesus! AMEN! (Most of the prayer is from a vineyard song called “All in All”)

Pray the prayer below or use your own words to invite Jesus Christ into your life and have a personal relationship with Him. Now is the time of Salvation. Don't wait. 

Dear Jesus, I believe that Father God sent you to earth for us, to die for our sin on a rugged cross where your blood was shed to save us! Then you came back to life and now sit at the right hand of the Father.  

Thank you when I was sick with soul sickness, you purchased me by your blood which alone can cleanse me of all my sin and make me your child that I can belong to. It is my sin that separated me from God and you became the bridge for me to cross over to God because of what you did on the cross for me. Thank you so much Jesus. Even when my sin made me so dirty on the inside and attacks of Satan have wounded me, you did not abandon me but came for me. I am never out of your love and never out of your reach. Thank you so much Jesus.

I do believe Father God for all that Jesus did for me. Jesus, I know  you care for me and laid down your life for me on the cross to give me new life as you shed your blood for me to wash away all my sins. Your Blood became the transfusion for those of us wounded by Satan. I accept the transfusion! Your blood heals all the wounded areas to give us a new life cleansing us of our sin. Thank you so much Jesus.

I want that new life that you offer so I turn to you now as a sheep that has gone astray and ask for your forgiveness of all my sins! Wash me in your precious cleansing blood. Thank you for washing me in your Blood. Please come dwell in my heart and save me Jesus. Deliver me Oh Good Shepherd! Thank you for your free gift of grace! I know you can save me when I turn to you and ask you to be my Lord and Personal Savior.  I want you to stay with me Jesus in my heart and make my heart your home so I can always have you as my Lord and Personal Savior who will guide my path.  Please fill me with the Holy Spirit and lead me in the right paths when I go the wrong way so I can be led to green pastures. I love you Jesus! Thank you for making my heart your home, for living in me Jesus and I will live for you and serve you the rest of the days of my life. I acknowledge you Jesus as my Lord and Personal Savior believing in my heart that God raised you from the dead. Thank you for coming back to life to save me. Thank you for being the Lamb of God. Thank you for being my Lord and Personal Savior and changing me. Thank you for filling me with the Holy Spirit and I believe you who began a good work in me will finish it to completion. I give myself to you, all that I am and ask you to make something of my life. Thank you Jesus so much. Thank you have heard my prayer and answered me. In Your Name I Pray Jesus! Amen!

You may have felt something, you may have not, but the important thing to know is that Jesus Christ is in your life! Don't just go by feelings.

If you have prayed this prayer and meant it genuinely in your heart, you made one of the most important decisions in your life. Please let me know as I would like to send you a free booklet or give it to you in person, to help you in your daily walk with the Lord. I have read this booklet more than 20 times.

Feel free to email me at reddy4hisglory2004@yahoo.com if you want to meet to study the Bible, pray with, talk about Spiritual issues or whatever is on your mind! My number is 412-641-9426

"This is my work and I can do it only because Christ's mighty energy is at work within me." (Colossians 1:29, TLB)

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