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Connellsville Covers The Ten Commandments Showing School's Surrendering Spirit!”

Ramesh C. Reddy

It is a shame that a parent of a Connellsville student has shown so much cowardice by choosing to remain anonymous after his/her actions prompted the school district to cover the Ten Commandments. If the parent believed in something so strong, the parent should have the courage to take a stand publicly instead of hiding behind a law firm to do the parent’s dirty work.

The monument which stood since 1957 is now being covered in plywood so the Word of God cannot be displayed. This happened because the school district does not want to fight against the letter given them. It is such a shame when people allow lawsuits to keep them from standing up for what they know is right because of financial/legal reasons.

There are times it is best to fight for an issue regardless of finances to make a point. If the school district was really serious about not covering the Ten Commandments, it is very well possible they could have gotten help from the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ). It has shown that the school district has a trembling, fearful spirit for not taking a stand.

If you have a kid who goes to Connellsville, you should ask yourself, ‘whether you are comfortable sending your kid there?’

When Christians and Jews who believe in the Ten Commandments stay silent, it is what gives the enemy more power. Having the Ten Commandments on school property has not hurt anyone since 1957 but now the school is afraid. What a shame!

It is more of a shame if Christian and Jewish parents who are for the Ten Commandments cannot transfer their kids from that school as a protest.

"What do you S.T.A.N.D for in life?" By Ramesh C. Reddy (Sept 08, 12, 07:59 a.m.)

Ramesh C. Reddy believes the Ten Commandments should be allowed to stay because this nation was founded on Judeao/Christian principles.

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