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"DPhiE's Dangerously Thread Two Thousand Twelve Past PDT's!"

Ramesh C. Reddy

Editors Note: What you will be reading is a poem  for Delta Phi Epsilon and  Phi Delta Theta to introduce their University of Pittsburgh's 2010 Greek Sing video! You can see the video in a few minutes or click on the picture for the video. Since our newspaper is a paper having the vision of utilizing it to share the love of Christ, we would be amiss if ads, links, etc did not have a religious overtone. Few of the  lyrics or dance moves are not suitable for all viewers.

If you are concerned about copyright infringement, please read
"Gravely Greek Sing Streaming Videos Viciously Create Copyright Infringement Innuendo!"

With DPhiE's there is an earthquake rumble
And buildings start to crumble
Even as PDT firemen try to extinguish the flames
As there are many disastrous claims
Now the Heavens open to 'Make It Rain'
Forcing all to run for cover in vain
Nothing can prevent the chaos lane
Not even screams of 'SOS' pain
'4 Minutes' to save the world's role
Surviving the storms is human's goal
However as we reach the end of the road
There is a universal SOS code
The prediction has come true
Of what was prophesized by the Mayan crew
The world has ended with nothing left
At least there will never be any theft!

Watch the screen for the video. You can replay clicking on the right mouse button.

Download Greek Sing 2010: "2012  DPhiE & PDT" Video  (Aug 31, 10, 12:07 p.m.)

Source: Greek Sing 2010 brochure's information was used to write the poem and introduce the video performance.

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