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Special three year   anniversary 9-11 edition

Blasi on Board Brings Brightness!

President Bush's inaugural address focuses on freedom, friendship, and faith!

Pop singer Michael Jackson acquitted of all 10 counts!


'Driven', 'Proven' and 'Results Matter' slates sweep SGB election!

Endorsing the fabulous five for Student Government Board (SGB) elections on Nov 17!



Kerry for a weaker America: Running for president, they call him Kerry!

PSelect-cision 2004 asks: "What are issues that are most important to you that you are basing your vote on and why?"

PSelect-cision 2004 asks 40 students, "Which presidential candidate will best lead this country and why?"

Kerry for DRAFT which Bush is against!

Trial advocate Edwards could not defend Kerry against charges!

Who cares for the the 2nd victim!

Republicans are the political party for African-Americans and people of different ethnicities!

Answering, "Voting for neither candidate of a major political party is going to bring us closer to God."


Carnegie Library corrupts the morals of a minor!

SGB and Rainbow Alliance’s view of homosexuality is not held by all!

Juveniles escape of death penalty could influence abortion decisions.

FDA should continue to ban gay sperm and ignore editorials opposing them!


Archives of Daily Devotionals Delivers Dosage!

Christian groups seek to provide haven for incoming students!

Boston Red Sox ace Curt Schilling knows all about spiritual strikeouts!

Vote for the perfect candidate 24-7!


The Pitt News editorial, 'Troop casualties undercounted by 17,000'  makes it sound like......

Rebuttal to Daniel Masny's Feb 03,05 Pitt News column


Pitt  2004 Cheerleading and Dance Team surrounded Schenley Quad with their Squad!

Pitt Cheerleaders and Dance team try to cheer up Panther fans!

"Golf’s New 'Sultan of Swat' Victorious Again"

There’s a New 'Berg' in the ‘Burgh.'

Three Panther fans weather the floods at 6:30 a.m.

Steelers Open Season with Home Victory

Pitt's Track and Field could go the distance!

Pittsburgh Steelers come back with rookie and backup players!

Deja Vu for the Steelers


Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith


"Top 25 reasons given for why students think the original candy cane was made with red and white stripes and was in the shape of a candy cane?"

Top 14 answers to "Love is....."

My Kiss of a Lifetime hopes to be special!

Top 14 responses to 'A Loving friend is........'

In celebration of Valentine's Day, the top 50-26 responses to 'Love is....'

In celebration of Valentine's Day, the top 25-1 responses to 'Love is....'

Top 5 responses given by students to, "What is the most important lesson your mom taught you?"

Acrostic Poem for Mother's Day!


Greek communities can communicate charity and care!

Kappa Kappa Gamma sister Jessica shows her Pitt spirit with her friends!

Newest sisters of Delta Zeta sorority enjoy a meal at Schenley Cafe after their initiation!

Student Government Board member Liz Blasi enjoys a meal at Schenley Cafe with her Chi Omega sisters!


PGSIS 2005 Taste with Haste Cereal Poem

PGSIS Class of 2005 Favorite Cereal Survey Results


Human Resource Management Final Exam Sample Questions II

Human Resource Management Final Exam 45 Sample Questions




Banning Bisexual Blood Brings Benefit

Ramesh C. Reddy

Scottish students who are homosexual or bisexual want to be able to donate blood to save lives. However, the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) wants no part of their blood.

To those who oppose the SNBTS’ action to ban homosexual or bisexual men from giving blood should not automatically make this into a homophobic issue. It is a shame any time anyone who is homosexual is opposed, it automatically becomes homophobia or bigotry.

That is not the case always. Yes, there are those who maybe homophobic or bigoted but I do not believe the SNBTS falls into that category.

The SNBTS really cares for the welfare of its Scottish citizens and wants them to be healthy. Research has shown that those who are homosexually active are more prone to carry blood-borne viruses.

The SNBTS has made the right decision to protect its blood bank. Other countries who do not have this policy should definitely follow suit.

Those receiving blood should ask themselves if they knew that the blood they were going to receive was coming from a homosexual or bisexual person, would they still want the blood.

 My hunch is that they would rather not receive that blood because of the fear of blood borne viruses. This is not to say that all heterosexuals who are active may not have blood borne viruses. It is just that research has shown there is more danger in receiving blood from those who are homosexually active.

This is not being homophobic or bigoted. Now if blood from different races was banned because they are of a different race, then that would be bigoted and racist as long as they are heterosexual. All blood is red regardless of what a persons’ race is.

When a person is getting a blood transfusion they do not ask what race the blood came from but all they want to be assured is that it is safe.

There is a blood transfusion that is always safe! Whether someone is  homosexual or heterosexual is offered a blood transfusion that is so pure and healthy. It automatically wipes out the deadly virus in a persons body and cleanses them.

I am talking about the precious cleansing blood of Jesus. Anyone who comes to Jesus can be covered by His precious cleansing blood wiping away all their sins and giving them a new beginning!

This blood is offered to anyone who receives God's free gift of grace through Jesus Christ! Jesus can change a person inside out!

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