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BEST OF 2001-2002 

BEST OF 2002-2003

BEST OF 2003-2004


Episcopal priest speaks out against gay ordination

Guiding Light lights the hearts of hopeful students

Cavalier smashed in Schenley Quad

Air Force ROTC simulates POW camp

Wait is over for Guiding Light hopefuls!

Pitt students pack Destinta Theatre to watch 'The Passion of the Christ.'

Controversial movie receives David Limbaugh's commentary!


Photogallery of the funeral procession ceremony  for Reagan to the Capitol


Commandments controversy is so commie and not constitutional


Top 25 reasons compiled for the origins of the candy cane from 2001-2003 based on 65 student responses  


Pitt Dance Team goldens Heinz Field

Pitt Dance Team  rainbow Heinz Field


A patriotic war is just to protect people (1)

Students vote matters

It is a matter of principle and ethics

Privacy or perversion in the bedroom

Israel, Israel, what have you done for Palestine!

Pitt should be proud denying same-sex benefits

Keep the Reagan legacy alive by voting for President Bush this November

Homosexuals do not need a special bill!

Presidential candidate John Kerry lied about his heritage!

Wake up media and uncover the terrorists!

Mount Rushmore needs to be revisted to include Ronald Reagan

Clinton wants Kerry who promotes immoral issues, do you?

9-11 report should not have been bipartisan!


Women's softball team saw Rockets falling.

Hungry Panthers win Pittsburgh  Classic


Engineering Auditorium Shakes

Red, White, & Blue

Constitution supports God and patriotism

One Numb-er

He sees you all the time

Vote for the perfect candidate 24-7!

What if Jesus talked football?

Pitt Dance Team's colors of black, red, green, and white give significance to the Christmas season!

Nativity reminds tourists of Christ's birth

Both evolutionism and creationism are based on faith!

Gong Show winner recited about 'If cocaine were an alien, what it does not want you to know!'

Gospel revealed through semantics and word play

Only the right antidote can protect your life

God's love is alphabetically revealed in random languages




Kerry for a weaker America!

Ramesh C. Reddy
Pittsburgh Standard

Running for president, they call him Kerry

If elected, the nation won’t be merry

Instead the nation will worry

Having a president who flip-flops in a hurry

His 20-year senate record you cannot bury

Don't let him into the White House door

So he can flip flop more

Kerry voted to cut our military Defense

Could have made our nation tense

If our military became dense

Because he was seeing through the wrong lens


Voted multiple times for a tax raise

Should not get our praise

Also reinstating the draft became a Democrat’s craft

While Bush repeatedly speaks against the draft

Beware of Kerry's deceptive craft

Scaring students of a draft

It is a Kerry myth

And students need to know it!


At one time Kerry voted for the Iraq War

For which he was definitely for

Until Howard Dean started to be a star

Then 87 billion dollars for our troops decided to bar


When Kerry-Edwards voted against the 87 billion for our troops

Were pandering to the anti-war special interest groups

And put our troops safety in arms way

Claimed Invasion of Iraq was the ‘Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time’, one day

But Bush signed the funding for our troops to safely stay


While fellow Vietnam POW’s were behind a jails lock

Kerry spoke out against other soldiers in his anti-war walk

Then some POW’s there, capturers decided to torture and mock

Now from viewing the documentary, ‘Stolen Honor’, Democrats tried to block

Should not have Kerry as Commander-in-Chief knock


We have to get back to the place

Where terrorists are not the focus of our lives [days]

But they are a nuisance he says

Felt like compared it to a prostitution or illegal gambling case

Tell that to the 9-11 victims and their families’ race

When it comes to the ‘War on Terror’ join me in trusting the Bush Administration’s ways


When it comes to marriage between woman and man

Kerry Opposed a ‘Federal Marriage Amendment’ ban

And voted against the Defense of Marriage Act

Both of which Bush supports is a fact


“Unborn Victims of Violence Act’ when he saw

That makes it a two-victim crime by law

Once again we see Kerry’s flaw

Pregnant women when murderers kill

Causing their blood to spill

Kerry came to Capitol Hill

To vote against the Laci-Conner’s Law bill

Which Bush signed by his free will


When it comes to Roe v. Wade

Wants to choose judges who won’t make abortion fade

While Bush signed laws that come to the unborn’s aid

Whom the Lord has made

As a Catholic, says he is personally for life

Yet supports unborn being aborted with a knife

For the innocent victims creating so much strife


So many other issues for which Kerry is not right

Cannot take one stand and fight

So got the title flip-flopper day and night

Answers are found in his remarks to cite

Will say anything to be elected

Just so he can be selected


If elected, in the wrong direction our nation will be led

Kerry’s out of the mainstream more than Ted

Need to remember that when to the polls people head

Making sure the right information they are fed

Keeping away from the network news before bed


Wants minorities to believe he only will care

When it comes to their burdens to bear

But minorities in high government positions has been rare

Until the White House was won by the Bush-Cheney pair


Bush is seen as a man influenced by his faith

By many people even to this date

Signed many laws against the crimes of hate

For wisdom upon the Lord he wants to wait

With first Lady Laura Bush as his mate


Pres. Bush is the one with whom you should stay

With your vote of approval you can play

Bush is a man of faith no one can say Nay!


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