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BEST OF 2001-2002 

BEST OF 2002-2003

BEST OF 2003-2004


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Moral push '4' Bush worked!

Ramesh C. Reddy
Pittsburgh Standard

Editors Note: All pictures were taken by Ramesh C. Reddy!

President George W. Bush has won the presidency of the United States for a 2nd term by shocking liberal groups who thought Sen. John Kerry (D) would squeak out a victory.

After more than 13 hours since the polls closed on Tue, Nov 02, 04, Pres. Bush was declared the winner around 11:30 am on Wednesday morning with 51% of the popular vote and over 270 electoral votes needed.

 For those who think Pres. Bush will not be a legitimate president need only to look at the results of the popular vote and electoral votes.

Not since his dad, former president George Walker Bush, won a majority of the popular vote 16 years ago has anyone won 51% of the popular vote. Even the much popular president Bill Clinton of the Democratic Party could not get a majority of the popular vote during his 2nd run for the presidency in 1996 as Pres. Bush has done!

There will still be ardent liberals who cannot bear to see Pres. Bush being in the White House for four more years but the people have spoken and there is a clear winner this time. Even Sen. Kerry acknowledged that Bush won reelection and called Pres. Bush to acknowledge his reelection victory.

As the large margin of exit polling showed Kerry leading substantially in Florida and Ohio, it did not sway Bush supporters from staying away from the polls in discouragement. Bush supporters never gave up even amidst troubling news given to them by the mainstream media.

If the mainstream media thought they could discourage voters from voting for Bush based on their faulty exit poll results, it failed! Not the New York Times, CBS News, Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9-11,,, Bruce Springstein, etc could help sway the election towards Kerry.

That begs the important question, why Kerry could not pull it off!

It is my belief that Kerry was defeated by Americans who voted more based on moral values than any other issue. Issues such as banning gay marriage, which is the destruction of the family and banning abortion, which is the holocaust of the unborn played a major role in getting people to the poles to vote for Bush among other issues.

Even though Kerry wanted to emphasize Bush’s record on the economy, the war in Iraq, and hot domestic issues, to downplay Bush’s leadership ability, many voters cared more for moral issues that break or keep a nation together.

                 A proverb states that if there is moral rot within the leadership of a nation that nation and its people topple. With Kerry in the White House, who voted against the Defense of Marriage Act and wanted to have a litmus test to choose judges who will keep abortion legal, did not go well with the majority of the American people.

This nation has been divided on issues that matter to Americans but it is my belief that when we handle moral issues such as gay marriage and abortion, the other issues will fall in place. It is hard to be a uniter than a divider when issues that are important are not shared by everyone. There should not be a compromise on certain issues. The American people took that to heart to vote Bush into office.

Moral issues were only one aspect of the voting bloc including issues such as the War on Terrorism, Homeland Security, etc that helped Bush get the vote of not only Republicans, Democrats, but Independents too!

This is an amazing victory for Pres. Bush when we think about all the groups that tried to oust Bush from office. Thanks to the internet that people did not have to be limited to liberal papers or media to get their news. As a faith voter for Bush, the way to encourage myself was to remember Scripture, “if God is for us, who can be against us”
when groups hostile to faith voters were mobilizing their base.

This election, people saw that Pres. Bush was a man of faith and he was not just saying things to get elected. This also helped many Evangelical Christians to be excited to lend their complete support to Bush over Kerry.

Whoever pulled it of, it has been my belief that the Lord allows authorities to be in government. To me, Bush was reappointed to the U.S presidency by the Lord through the means of the people voting.

Those who have an issue with me mentioning the Lord being responsible for this election result should remember that my belief has been based on Scripture regardless of who won.

According to Romans 13:1, "Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God."

When it comes to addressing moral issues, Pres. Bush is right for the nation and it was our honor to have endorsed Pres. Bush during this presidential campaign.

There is still disappointment that the majority of students at the University of Pittsburgh overlooked moral issues that should be the backbone of this nation, which was founded on Judea-Christian values.

This election needs to open the eyes of those who did not vote for Pres. Bush to see that by popular demand, moral issues are very important. It is a good thing to know that our elections were not determined by a global test of European and Middle Eastern countries, many of whom wanted Sen. Kerry for president.

Whether we are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, we need to do everything we can to help people see the importance of moral issues that can unite this country as the United States of America. We need God in America again! Without the emphasis on godly values, we will become the Divided States of America! Let us not go for that! The Pitt vote went mostly for this divide!

Sen. Kerry must be commended for his gracious speech and for not contesting the election as Gore did!

You will now be taken through a tour of the different posters made by Bush-Cheney 2004 volunteers in support of their president as you listen to the background song. For more information on Bush-Cheney 2004, check out their link! 

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