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There’s a New “Berg” in the ‘Burgh

Joe Balestrine
Pittsburgh Standard

           The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Ben Roethlisberger, a junior out of Miami (Ohio) University, with their first pick in the 2004 NFL draft. He was the third quarterback taken at that point in the draft, but due to unfortunate circumstances, he will be the first rookie quarterback to make his first NFL start Sunday against Miami. His start precedes those of Eli Manning of the New York Giants and Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers, the two quarterbacks selected higher than he.

           The plan from the beginning of the season was to ease Roethlisberger into action late in runaway games; and for him to take over as full-time starter at the start of the 2005 season. However, that was not exactly the case last week, when “Big Ben” saw his first NFL action.  

           With 11:53 left in the third quarter and the Steelers trailing 20-0, Tommy Maddox was sacked by Raven’s corner Gary Baxter and hurt on the play on what appears to be a severe strain of the muscles in his right elbow, his throwing arm.

             “You could see it on the replay. It did not look good,” said wide receiver Antwaan Randle El. “I pray for him. That’s a tough injury right there.”

          Randle El better pray for the team as well, who at the start of the pre-season was expected to compete with Baltimore for the AFC North title. With the loss of their top two quarterbacks (Maddox and back-up Charlie Batch), the Steelers are in deep trouble.

         Due to the current lack of depth at the position, the Steelers had no choice but to turn to their rookie. Roethlisberger came in to the game with the Steelers down by 20 and in the process of being shutout. Other complexities included a non-existent running game, anemic passing, and playing in a hostile environment against one of the league’s most ferocious defenses.

         “It’s not the ideal scenario to come into a game,” said Coach Bill Cowher. “On the road, being down 20-0, and the Ravens not honoring your running game at that point. I would say he wasn’t dealt a real good hand to begin with.”

        Despite numerous obstacles, “Big Ben” completed 12 of 20 passes for 176 yards, threw for two touchdowns, but also threw two interceptions. One of those interceptions was returned 50 yards for a touchdown by the Raven’s Chris McAlister. Roethlisberger would have thrown a third if safety Ed Reed had not dropped the pass, which instead bounced off his hands into those of Hines Ward who turned it into a 58 yard reception. The catch set up Roethlisberger’s first touchdown pass, a three-yarder to Antwaan Randle El.   

         In fact, it was a day full of firsts for Roethlisberger; first play (a hand off to Duce Staley), first pass completion (21 yards to Plaxico Burress), first interception (Adalius Thomas), first touchdown pass (Randle El), first sack (Will Demps), and first interception returned for a touchdown (Chris McAlister).

         “Of course he didn’t play the game he wanted to play, but what rookie comes in and makes all of the first throws?” said Hines Ward who caught 6 passes for 151 yards and a touchdown.

        At Bill Cowher’s weekly press conference on Tuesday he had this to say about the situation. “Let me give you the update in regard to the health status.  First of all, we have signed Mike Quinn, a quarterback.  We have added him to the practice squad.  At this time, that is the move we made in regard to the injury to Tommy (Maddox), which as I stated yesterday, is basically a six-week no throwing motion, and then we will kind of go from there.  He has a strain of ligaments and tendons in his right elbow.  I think given what the initial possible diagnosis could have been, it was the best-case scenario, which makes Ben (Roethlisberger) the starter.”         

         Many people feel as if the season is lost, that a rookie quarterback can only carry a team so far. Roethlisberger did both good and bad things on Sunday. He made smart decisions along with awfully stupid ones. Regardless of whether you like him or not, Roethlisberger, for better or for worse, will become the first NFL rookie quarterback to start a game this Sunday in Miami.     

Says Plaxico Burress, “We’re not going to have any trouble to go out and support him. He’s going to be the future of this team, eventually. It wouldn’t be a better time for him to go out and start.”


Photo By Ramesh C. Reddy
(Photo taken during a basketball game)

(Statistics and quotations taken from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

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