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BEST OF 2003-2004


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Kerry for DRAFT which Bush is against!

Pittsburgh Standard

             Political candidates and their supporters of the Democratic Party are using the DRAFT to scare people not to vote for Bush.

But who is really behind the draft legislation?

It is Democrat Congressman Charles Rangle (D-NY) who wanted to reinstate the military draft.

Rangle (D-NY) introduced the “Universal National Service Act of 2003” to reinstate the military draft which states, “"A BILL To provide for the common defense by requiring that all young persons in the United States, including women, perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes." (H.R. 163, Introduced 1/7/03 By Rep. Charles Rangel)

            Yet, the Democrats and their supporters are using scare tactics to make people believe that the Bush administration is behind draft legislation.

           Even Presidential candidate John Kerry had the audacity to imply that the Bush administration could bring the draft back.

           "Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, citing the war in Iraq and other trouble spots in the world, raised the possibility that a military draft could be reinstated if voters re-elect President Bush. ... Answering a question about the draft that had been posed at a forum with voters, Kerry said: 'If George Bush were to be re-elected, given the way he has gone about this war and given his avoidance of responsibility in North Korea and Iran and other places, is it possible? I can't tell you.'" (Mary Dalrymple, "Kerry Raises Possibility That Military Draft Could Return If Bush Is Re-Elected," The Associated Press, 9/22/04)

Kerry can tell you but he does not want to because he knows it is not the Republicans who want the draft back but people of his own party including himself. Once again you have what Kerry says and what Kerry does.

Kerry cannot be straight with the American people even when it comes to the draft. Kerry knows Americans are against the draft so he wants to portray the Republicans being behind it to gain people’s votes. How low can you get! His running mate John Edwards wants people to know that there will be no draft if Kerry is elected!

Really! I guess Edwards has selective memory and did not want people to know how Kerry really felt. If anyone is thinking about the possibility of a draft, it is Kerry.

A reporter asked Kerry, "Senator, some in your party have called for reinstating the draft. Do you think that is a good idea?" to which Kerry responded, "Not at this moment. I don't. If we had a need for a general mobilization at some time in the future, then I think that's the only fair way to do it." (WLVI's "Keller At Large," Interview Taped 12/2/03, Aired 9/26/04)

And he wants to put the fear of the Draft on the Bush administration! That is preposterous. Bush or the Republican Party has not even proposed draft legislation except to bring the draft legislation that the Democrats have proposed just so they can strike it down.

Thanks be to God, that the draft legislation was struck down in the House of Representatives, 400-2 on Oct 06, 2004 by the Republican controlled house. If the Republican Party wanted to reinstate the draft, they had the majority to pass it but they don’t.

Edwards says that under the Kerry administration there will be no draft but Kerry says ‘I think that’s the only fair way to do it’. There is what Kerry says and what Kerry does. He is not right for America and it is a shame to put rumors of the draft upon the Bush administration and the Republicans.

You should know what the Bush administration really thinks about rumors regarding the draft.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said, “'That is absolute nonsense,' Rumsfeld told the Senate Armed Services Committee. 'It's absolutely false that anyone in this administration is considering reinstituting the draft.'" (Richard Sisk, "No Draft, No Extra Troops - Rummy," [New York] Daily News, 9/24/04)

Vice President Dick Cheney agreed with Rumsfeld.

"And the notion that somebody's peddling out there that there is a secret plan to reinstitute the draft, hogwash, not true.”, said Cheney. (NBC's "Nightly News," 9/29/04)

          President Bush is not secretly trying to bring the draft back!

           "We don't need the draft. Look, the all-volunteer Army is working. ... I know Senator McCain and I agree on this issue for certain, the all-volunteer Army works." (President George W. Bush, Remarks At Okaloosa-Walton College, Niceville, FL, 8/10/04)

So, when it comes to rumors of the draft, it is not the Bush administration who wants it back. It is Democrats who believe it should be a possibility. If you re-elect Bush, you do not need to worry about a draft but if you vote for Kerry, you do not know where he stands.

            He could very well stop your college education to draft you into the military if needed! That is Kerry for you! He says one thing but does another thing!

            The country should continue under the Bush administration and you can make a difference! Don’t let the fear tactics which have no basis in fact make you vote against Bush because you think he will bring the draft back!

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