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BEST OF 2001-2002 

BEST OF 2002-2003

BEST OF 2003-2004


Episcopal priest speaks out against gay ordination

Guiding Light lights the hearts of hopeful students

Cavalier smashed in Schenley Quad

Air Force ROTC simulates POW camp

Wait is over for Guiding Light hopefuls!

Pitt students pack Destinta Theatre to watch 'The Passion of the Christ.'

Controversial movie receives David Limbaugh's commentary!


Photogallery of the funeral procession ceremony  for Reagan to the Capitol


Commandments controversy is so commie and not constitutional


Top 25 reasons compiled for the origins of the candy cane from 2001-2003 based on 65 student responses  


Pitt Dance Team goldens Heinz Field

Pitt Dance Team  rainbow Heinz Field


A patriotic war is just to protect people (1)

Students vote matters

It is a matter of principle and ethics

Privacy or perversion in the bedroom

Israel, Israel, what have you done for Palestine!

Pitt should be proud denying same-sex benefits

Keep the Reagan legacy alive by voting for President Bush this November

Homosexuals do not need a special bill!

Presidential candidate John Kerry lied about his heritage!

Wake up media and uncover the terrorists!

Mount Rushmore needs to be revisted to include Ronald Reagan

Clinton wants Kerry who promotes immoral issues, do you?

9-11 report should not have been bipartisan!


Women's softball team saw Rockets falling.

Hungry Panthers win Pittsburgh  Classic


Engineering Auditorium Shakes

Red, White, & Blue

Constitution supports God and patriotism

One Numb-er

He sees you all the time

Vote for the perfect candidate 24-7!

What if Jesus talked football?

Pitt Dance Team's colors of black, red, green, and white give significance to the Christmas season!

Nativity reminds tourists of Christ's birth

Both evolutionism and creationism are based on faith!

Gong Show winner recited about 'If cocaine were an alien, what it does not want you to know!'

Gospel revealed through semantics and word play

Only the right antidote can protect your life

God's love is alphabetically revealed in random languages



Taste with Haste Cereal Poem

Ramesh C. Reddy

To the PGSIS Class of 2005

Free tickets to the Concert of Cereal Live

Take a sandwich bag and dive

But to leave the 34 boxes here strive

The #1 cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Take a lot or just a sample to munch

The #2 cereal is Honey Nut Cheeri-os

Now everyone knows

The #3 cereal is Reeses Puffs

Less harder than hand cuffs

If your cereal did not make the top three

You can still eat a lot for free

As you enjoy the eating cereal spree

You can visit the Cheeri-os

Before all of it goes

Or pick some Leprechuan Lucky Charms

Donít worry there will be no alarms

Some prefer the Frosted Mini Wheats

As they take their seats

Some enjoy frosted flakes

While others really want cheese cakes

Some crave Corn pops

Into their mouth it hops

Enjoy the Raisin Bran

Caught the raisins before they ran

Now I see a rainbow of fruit loops

Going into sandwich bags with multiple scoops

Box over there wants to share you its life

In harmony, regular and cinnamon live without strife

If you want the Cocoa puffs

They will be gone by the time you visit Tuffs

There is someone better than Special K

For me, Jesus is the Truth, Life, and Way

Snap, Crackle and Pop is a song of the Rice Krispies

Twila Paris sings my favorite song called Prince of Peace

Some love the crunch of the Kix

I love the one that has 66 book picks

For healthiness have some bran flakes

Possibly will keep you from body aches

Some love Captain Crunch

To the Lord Jesus, you are all a loveable bunch

Loveable more than Honey Bunches of Oats

Hope you remember that every time you take notes

No need to wait for winter to have frosted shredded wheat

You can have it today to eat in the summer heat

If you are full of eating Granola

Take a walk and greet people with ĎHolaí

If you are into Grape Nuts

Keep in mind they can be hard as some huts

If you enjoy a bowl of chex

It will not give you any type of vex

If you are into the Cranberry Almond Crunch

You maybe able to forget about lunch

Now  gotta love the Golden Grahams

Wonder if it is the cereal of the St. Louis Rams

Got milk for Ka-shi

Healthier than Coffee

Pack up some cheerios from multi-grain

Make sure they are not soaked in the rain

Some are into Oatmeal Squares

I like how the Lord Jesus cares

Have a taste of Peanut Butter Crunch

That is legal and safe than spiked punch

But watch out for the silly rabbit who aims for the Trix

You can confuse it when cereals you mix

Those cheerios decided to go cinnamon apple

Have some because it is healthier than Snapple

Some love Grape Nut flakes

I love what the Lordís creation makes

Vitamins are a full 100% in Smart Start

I love giving the Lord Jesus 100% of my heart

Some love the chocolate malt o meal

I love praying for you all as I kneel

Hope the Lordís love you all can feel

On your presentations you all will do great

On the July 29, 2005 date has another surprise as you wait

Writing with hope, love, and faith

Hope you loved the cereals you ate

Loved serving you all whether your name was nate (all guys) or kate (all gals)!

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JULY 2005

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