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Pro-Choice Personality Remembers Roe v. Wade!”

Ramesh C. Reddy

Deciding life or death, they call me Pro-choice
In my territory, the unborn have no voice
Whether they are girls or boys
MAV, suction cuttherage, and forceps are my favorite toys
Because they create murder with a bloody noise
When the unborn child dies
I tell to all the gals and guys
Life begins at conception is all lies
'My Body, My Choice' sounds so nice
Celebrating Roe v. Wade is not a vice
Only the Pro-Life movement I fear
Who show fetus life is so dear
Using ultrasound imagery so near
Wanting to overturn decision of 1973 year
That legalized abortion through Roe v. Wade
Bloody profits Planned Parenthood loves to be paid
As they are okay to go on a killing raid
Inside the woman's uterus where the baby laid
Not caring if a precious life will fade
I fear when the 'March for Life' comes to their aid
Believing, unborn are fearfully and wonderfully made
Showing the sanctity of life through Psalm 139 (One Thirty Nine)
Protesting Roe v Wade, they march in line
Holding every Pro-Life sign
As they depend on the Lord, their Vine
They mourn, 1973 of January Twenty-Two
Wanting to in Supreme Court sue
For what the abortion doctors do
So a child can be born Gentile or Jew
Is the prayer of every one who is Pro-Life
To see all doctors put away the abortion knife
Whoever comes to the table, whether a girl or wife
Now the holocaust of the unborn becomes a memorial day
When the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade, I say
To stop the killing of the unborn this is one way
But the best way is for people to give their heart
To the One who wants to give them a fresh start
On the Cross of Calvary, for people, He did His part
So Satan's fiery arrows, they can dart
Jesus is His Name
For all the broken, He came
Taking  people's shame
Jesus wants to give a Biblical aim
When that happens, Pro-Choice will be no more
Because sanctity of life will soar
When upon lives, His precious love will pour
As they open their heart's door
Believing 'Life begins at the conception core!'
Knowing Jesus, is the Way, the Life, the Truth
Sanctity of Life becomes a precious fruit
When the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation takes root!

"Reddy's Right Rhetoric takes you into the world of personality asking you 'If Pro-Choice had a personality, what it would not and would want you to know!"

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