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“Democratic Debate II Denies DNA's Details!

Ramesh C. Reddy

Candidate who looked presidential: New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Gillibrand answered the questions with poise and assertiveness. She did a phenomenal job compared to all the female presidential candidates in addressing issues.

However, she would be the most dangerous candidate for the unborn if she becomes president because of her assault on the unborn. She wanted everyone to know that she would fight harder for women's reproductive rights than anyone else. The only difference is that she is more likeable than former New York senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Nonetheless, Gillibrand will not get my vote even if she is chosen to be the nominee.

Candidate who is a socialist: Vermont senator Bernie Sanders

Sanders made an assault on the rich and emphasized Medicare for All without strings attached. He wants to pay that through taxing the rich heavily. The Bible says 'Work hard and become a leader, be lazy and never succeed!' Just because someone works hard and becomes rich does not give the government the right to over tax them. We cannot over penalize people who make more money. That's just wrong. It should be a flat tax rate regardless of who it is. Sanders promotes Marxism ideas and we know how that has turned out. 

Sanders is very dangerous for the unborn and for capitalists. He should not be given the Democratic nomination again. He will not get my vote.

Candidate who is the most Anti-Trump: Vermont senator Bernie Sanders

Atleast 10 times, Sanders railed against President Trump

Candidate who is not trustworthy: Former vice president Joe Biden

Biden cannot be trusted because he cannot stand on some of the principles he believed in when he was senator and also vice president of the United States. It is a shame that he went against the Hyde Amendment that he was for to protect the unborn just because it is politically expedient to get the progressives votes. As an Independent, there is no way that I can trust Biden. This is not the only issue, he has renigged on but on immigration too. It was Obama, the worst president in the history of the United States that deported 3 million illegal immigrants, which is one good thing he did, while Biden was vice president. Now, to appease to the progessives and Democratic base, Biden wants to give free health insurance or paid health insurance to illegals too. This is just wrong. What kind of society have we become when we reward wrongdoing. We become a lawless and moraless society to reward wrong. We are teaching our children that it is okay for something good to come out of illegal activity. This is just plain wrong.

Biden should not get the votes to be the Democratic nominee because not only is he not trustworthy but he is dangerous for the unborn even though he has a record of bipartisan workings.

Candidate who was the most belligerent: California senator Kamala Harris

Harris should be ashamed of attacking profusely former vice president Joe Biden for actions he took part in the past when he worked with segregationist senators. Just because you work with somebody does not mean, you agree with all their views. It was utterly shameful what Harris did to Biden. Harris is more dangerous to America than Obama, the worst president of the United States. She even proudly stated that she defied Obama's orders on immigration. This is not someone we want to become the Democratic nomination. Yes, it is sad that she was one of the students that had to be bused because of segregation laws but to blame Biden because he worked with segregationists is just wrong. Based on Biden's track record, no one would say he is racist against Black people or anybody. Yet, to score political points Harris has the audacity to even bring this up. This is about the past when she should be focusing on the present and future. Harris is more dangerous to America than even Obama has been. She should not get the Democratic nomination. Just because she is Black does not give her the right to pander to Black voters, etc. A white Biden has more track record to help Blacks than she has. Black voters beware and don't give your vote to Harris just because she is Black.

Question we need to ask ourselves is what did she do for Black citizens when she was the prosecutor in California?

Just because she wants to run for president does not mean we can ignore her own track record. 

She is dangerous for America coming from a state that wants to give free reign to illegal immigrants and unprotect the unborn. If a person has to choose between Biden and Harris, they need to choose Biden. Remember, Biden has a track record even with African-American voters because he was Obama's vice-president. Even Obama did not use Biden's work with segregationist senators in the past to disqualify him from being his VP nominee.

Harris needs to be voted out of the Democratic presidenial field as soon as possible. 

Candidate who stood on principles: Colorado governor John Hickenlooper  

Even though other candidates and Democratic voters booed him for his capitalist views, he has a track record of accomplishing things in Colorado unlike Sanders socialist views. However, because of his assault on the unborn, he does not deserve to get the Democratic nomination.


Candidate that espoused Love Trumps Hate: Author Marianne Williamson

When she spoke about Trump espousing hate, her solution to Trump was that she would battle that with love. What an awesome statement. She does not believe any one on the stage could beat Trump in 2020 because of their approach to handling Trump. I loved many of her responses, though not all. However, she is dangerous for the unborn and will not get my vote. That said, if  the choice was between the other nine candidates, we should vote for her to get the Democratic nomination. 

Candidate that was the most passionate: Colorado senator Michael Bennett

When Bennett was speaking, it felt like he was speaking from his heart on issues but because of his assault on the unborn, he does not deserve to be the Democratic nominee. That said, he would be my second choice for the Democratic nomination over Williamson.

Candidate who was humble and played the religion card: South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg chided Christians and told them that they needed to be ashamed of themselves for supporting President Trump who wants to curb illegal immigration and deport illegals. As an Evangelical Christian, it was offensive to hear Buttigieg, tell Christians to go against the law without even understanding what Romans 13 says. When Christians want the laws to be followed as stated in Romans 13 too, it does not make them any less loving. To chide Christians who support Trump on immigration is a slap in the face to Jesus too. Jesus wanted laws to be followed as stated in the Sermon on the Mount. If anything, Jesus made it stricter. There is a difference between caring for the foreigner and illegal foreigner. The Lord wants us to care for the foreigner.  Let's not confuse these terms. Buttigieg cannot expect the president to reward wrongdoing. According to Buttigieg, even Trump going against the DACA program is wrong but it is not wrong. Sadly, parents wrong decisions have an impact on the lives of their children. It is easy to say that the children should not suffer for the parent's decisions but sadly that happens. People need to know there are consequences for wrong actions even done by parents. It is just wrong for a parent to come illegally here and expect their children to become U.S. citizens if they are born here or get the same rights as rightful citizens of the U.S. Let us not forget the legal terminology of 'Fruit of the Poisonous Tree' doctrine. Buttigieg's views on gay marriage and the unborn are dangerous for America. He should not be chosen as the Democratic nominee.

Candidate who was just fluff: California US representative Eric Swalwell

Swalwell wants Biden to give the reigns of the Democratic nomination to a younger generation like him. That's hogwash. An age of a person is not as important as what they stand for. I will take President Trump anyday over Swalwell. Swalwell is all fluff and no action to me. Swalwell does not deserve the Democratic nomination and is dangerous for the unborn.

Candidate who will give free money: Former Tech Entrepreneur Andrew Yang

Yang wants to give $1000.00 monthly check to every citizen over 18 to support themselves. No amount of money will make a nation strong when there is moral rot within the nation. With Democratics in power, the moral rot will only increase with promoting Abortion-On-Demand and LGBT issues. The morality of our nation and standing in the world crumbled under Obama's leadership. He was the worst of the worst and no disciple of his such as Biden or anyone should get the Democratic nomination. No wonder President Trump had to run on the slogan, 'Make America Great Again!'

If something is not broken, why fix it?

To a majority of Evangelical Christians, Trump is the only Promisekeeper of what he ran on in 2016 compared to any other Democratic or Republican presidents. Many of the policies also address the moral fabric of this nation. Trump is a friend of the unborn, friend of Evangelical Christians, Israel, and majority of the American citizens regardless of their religious views.

Will we throw that away by voting for a Democratic candidate for president to take us backwards?

Obama made America weak and scandalous including the morality of this nation. Stand with me to oppose any Democratic candidate who goes against Trump. Trump is the lesser of the two evils. With Trump we know what we are getting. Only if his character was not so arrogant and obnoxious, I won't need to hold my nose again to vote for him.

"Reddy's Right Rhetoric takes you into the world of politics analyzing the second Democratic Debate among 10 presidential candidates.

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