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Obamacare Outlaws Freedom From Choosing Carefully Insuring Individuals!”

Ramesh C. Reddy

Giving praise to Justice Sonia Sotomayor would have never entered my mind because I figured as an Obama administration appointee to the U.S. Supreme Court she would not be an ally to those whose views line with many conservatives. But she surprised me when she issued a stay on Tues, Dec 31, 2013 against a provision of the Affordable Care Act that forces religious groups to "provide ‘birth control pill, the morning-after pill and permanent measures such as tubal ligation –without co-pay’"¹ to their employees.

 It is very pleasing to know that the 11th-hour Supreme Court ruling temporarily allowed groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor not to cover birth control, morning-after pill, or any other procedure that violates their religious beliefs. It is a temporary victory against the Obamacare mandate which forced religious organizations and their employers to cover everything from birth control to morning-after pill.

It is my hope that the Supreme Court will permanently strike down the mandate to offer certain things in the insurance that will go against the consciences of religious people of faith in their own organizations.

Actually, there is already precedent for this type of ruling when we think about churches, temples, synagogues, or mosques who are not obligated to hire atheists to run their services even though certain ill intended people may cry discrimination. In this instance, discriminatory practice is the right way to go. The whole law of discrimination was passed to fight against racism and prejudice and never to fight against religious beliefs held.

Would you be willing to go to a church where an atheist gives sermons from the pulpit labeled, ‘Why we should not believe in God?’

Of course not!

 Why may I ask?

It is because the intent of religious congregation members is to hear from the pastor sermons from the Word of God and not sermons from an atheist who does not hold to the teachings of the Word of God.

If we follow this same logic, is it proper to force a religious institution or organization to provide birth-control, morning-after pill, etc to its employees when the institution or organization has values that go against the mandate to be providing contraceptives they believe to be a sin. If a religious organization believes it would be sinning to provide contraceptives, then they should not be forced to as the Obama administration wants. That is totally wrong and infringing on their religious freedom.  

The heart of the issue is whether or not the government can mandate an action under the umbrella of discriminatory practice when that practice curtails an individual or religious organizations religious freedom and moral values!

They should not be allowed to do that just as a school or university should not be allowed to force a religious organization on campus to take leaders who do not espouse to the tenets and beliefs of that organizations core values.

Crying discrimination in these instances is laughable.  Discrimination is not 100% wrong because it depends on the situation at hand. Just as universities or schools should not bully organizations with fines or decertification of their organization for not choosing to give certain people leadership positions, the Obama administration should not bully Catholic and other faith based organizations to provide contraceptives or any other thing in their insurance if they do not believe in that.

¹Sources: Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Ramesh C. Reddy believes in the art of discrimination when it comes to faith matters because we all have to discriminate between right and wrong. He can be reached at

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