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 "Many Make Moon Festival Fabulous w/ Dances, Demonstrations, & Delicacies!"


 Ramesh C. Reddy


 On a Saturday night of Oct 16, more than 200 gathered in the William Pitt Union to participate in the Chinese American Students Association and Vietnamese Students Association's celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival from 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


They were treated to different types of dances, demonstrations, and delicious delicacies.


Sabrina Liu performs the Flying Peacock!  In the Dai Culture of the southwestern region of China, the Peacock symbolizes luck and good fortune. Sabrina uses her body, head, finger to express the pretty peacock. It was choreographed by Yanlai Wu


Description courtesy of Mid-Autumn Festival Program!

Click on picture for video footage.

Coming Soon: More video footage from Mid-Autumn Festival!

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